WFU Practice Report: August 13th

Clouds gave way for some warm temperatures as Wake Forest football practice heated up Thursday morning. The following is the latest from Wake Forest's morning practice...

The offense performed pretty well this morning. Skylar Jones continued to do well and make good decisions. Ryan McManus seemed to be leading the troops well when he got his chances including one large gain. after using a great fake. It's shaping up to be a good battle for the #2 spot at quarterback.

At #1, Riley Skinner was displaying pin-point accuracy on both short and deep balls. He continues to hit the open man with relative ease and keeps showing his ability to squeeze a pass into tight coverage when needed.

Wide receiver Devon Brown had a great practice this morning as he displayed some nice hands and route-running. At running back Kevin Harris and Brandon Pendergrass looked solid and both had some nice runs.

During special teams work, Brown and Alex Frye seemed to be returning kickoffs more than the others. Shane Popham and Cline Beam both kicked off but Jimmy Newman showed once again that he's got great leg strength kicking off. As for field goals, it was much of the same. Popham continued to be the most consistent. Newman also had a pretty good day. Beam seemed to have a pretty strong day on field goals as well. Things can be very different under the lights and in front of thousands of fans, but it looks like Wake is shaping up to have nice depth and multiple options at kicker if needed.

The offensive line was front and center for much of practice. Chris DeGeare continued to stand out as the most talented overall lineman -- as expected. He routinely stopped defensive linemen dead in their tracks during drills and live situations. The way he gets low and into his stance so quickly is truly remarkable and will help him on Sundays in the near future. He has really toned up from two years ago and one would think that he will end up as an All-ACC player this year. Joe Birdsong stood out a few times in 11 on 11 sets as did a few other linemen.

On the defensive line, Devin Bolling is showing quite a lot of promise for a freshman and looks like he'll have a good career at Wake. The same can be said for Zach Thompson who opened a few eyes with some very impressive moves to beat the offensive line in drills. Kevin Smith is a long and VERY quick guy who will be a good one once he can refine his technique and learn to play at the proper pad level.

In the defensive backfield, guys like Kenny Okoro and Josh Bush had good days. It is no secret that Bush could be special if he keeps working hard because he will light you up from the corner spot and has nice footwork to stay with the fastest wide receivers.

One note left off the Wednesday practice report was that Coach Elrod had the quarterbacks pushing the sled up and down the field during one period of practice yesterday. You don't often see quarterbacks pushing the sled, but apparently we like them to be tough and strong! You can tell Riley is the most mature and physically strong of the Demon Deacon quarterbacks...

The Deacons will also practice Thursday night at 7:30.

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