WFU Practice Report: August 17th

DeaconSports has the latest from Wake Forest's practice fields with updates from both Monday morning and evening practice sessions.

Monday Morning:
Monday morning practice had the team out in full pads. Ruling the day was lots of prep work on offensive and defensive schemes. The OL did a lot of drill work on blocking schemes, mostly for the run.

During 7 on 7 drills the secondary looked pretty good in coverage. The DBs and LBs were able to make the QBs check off primary targets and look underneath for most of their completions.

Skylar Jones looked pretty sharp with good decisions and accurate passes underneath. Riley once again showed quick recognition of the defense -- he can really pick apart a defense.

Marshall Williams made an especially nice sideline grab. Chris Givens broke past the secondary (2nd/3rd string) for a long gain on a perfect pass from, you guessed it, Skinner.

There was also work on special teams with kickoff coverage and return units seeing some instruction. Shane Popham hit a couple of good kickoffs but wasn't as consistent this morning. Jimmy Newman routinely reached the endzone on his kicks with amazing hang time as well. Cline Beam crushed the ball consistently. He does not have the hang time on his kickoffs that Newman possesses but he hit the endzone regularly. One kick drew some yells as he slammed it out of the back of the endzone.

Monday Evening
A cool evening and no pads greeted the team for the Thursday night practice. After a hard workout this morning, the evening session proved to be lighter fare. Still, there seemed to be no lack of effort. Much work was put into agility drills for the first part of practice. Different stations awaited each position group as they rotated through the exercises without helmets. Some standouts in the drills for the OL included Jeff Griffin and a surprisingly quick Garrick Williams. Special teams got a good amount of work once again. In everyone's favorite storyline of the preseason, the kicking game is proving to be quite interesting. Alex Wulfeck punted very well, getting several of his punts to turn over while driving the returner back several yards. Alex was definitely the most consistent punter tonight. In the pooch category, Wulfeck performed pretty well, but the best "poocher" was once again Shane Popham.

Kickoff coverage ran through some interesting drills, as the players ran down their lanes. Punt coverage ran a similar drill.

Ryan McManus seemed to be on his game with several accurate passes during 7 on 7. Devon Brown seems to have a knack for getting open underneath. Andrew Parker made two very nice catches that broke for long yardage. He seemed to do a good job of finding a soft spot in the zone and making a quick cut to break through after the catch. Once again Riley Skinner looked good, although the defense seems to be catching on a bit. Riley had to sit in the pocket a few times to wait for a receiver to break open. On one play, he tried to dump the ball off to the running back, but Kevin Smith's long, athletic body jumped up to knock it down. He almost came up with the difficult interception as well.

Practice resumes Tuesday afternoon at 3:30 pm.

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