WFU Practice Report: August 24th

The Deacs are starting to see the cream rising to the top. The scout teams were in effect on Monday as remaining players fight for a few slots on the two-deep depth chart. Running the scout offense was freshman quarterback Brendan Cross who is in a good position to give the defense a great workout each week so they can prepare for the opponents.

Monday's practice brought lots of work on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. Both scout teams were running against the 1st and 2nd teams for much of practice.

On defense, during 7 on 7 drills, a few players stood out. Jonathan Jones looks very athletic and solid in pass coverage. He covered up the running backs pretty well several times. The secondary made a few mistakes, but overall seemed to know their assignments well.

Cyhl Quarles made a really nice interception defending Marshall Williams. Riley had a bead on Williams long and down the middle. Quarles ran with him watching his every move and reaction. At the absolute perfect time, he turned his head, found the ball and reached to grab it. Both got their hands on it, but Quarles rolled over in the end zone with the ball -- a textbook play.

On another play, Josh Bush ran with Jordan Williams and reached up at the last second to knock down what looked to be a perfect 35 yard strike from Ryan McManus. John Stamper also made an interception against Ted Stachitas on Monday. Michael Williams was running with the first team defense most of the time, with Bush seeing action at that spot from time to time as well.

While the defense looked good, the offense did have some success. Kevin Harris made a couple of nice runs, cutting back into his blockers for some extra yardage. Chris Givens had a nice run as well. Additionally, Andrew Parker seems to be doing well in practices. Parker caught a touchdown pass and somehow seems to get open more times than not.

On special teams, quite a lot of time was spent with the kickers practicing onside kicks and directional punts. Newman, Popham and Wulfeck handled the punts, while Beam, Newman and Popham all got reps with the onside kicks.

A scrimmage is set for 1030 AM at BB&T Field on Tuesday. Over the next one or two practices, we will get a good idea of who will be on the two-deep. There's lots of good competition thus far in camp and the effort has been very solid overall throughout all the practices.

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