WFU Practice Report: August 25th

On the day, overall, the defense seemed to do a few more things right than the offense. Early on the defense was controlling everything. The defensive line and linebackers looked especially strong. Running lanes were plugged up and passes fell incomplete. Part was due to some sloppy play, but mostly the defense was just out-muscling the offense.

Some of the young guns stood out with some timely plays. Will Wright continues to show some promise at defensive end. He got up field quickly and used his long frame to block passing lanes to the flat. He batted down one Riley Skinner pass. Tristan Dorty is developing into a nice run-stopper. On a few occasions he was able to hold his position and dictate the path of the runner. He rarely gave too much ground.

Frank Souza was getting a lot of minutes with the 2nd team defense. He's very strong and determined. Once he gets his technique down, he will be a handful. He and Ramon Booi faired very well against the 1st and 2nd string offensive line. On two notable possessions early on, that 2nd team defense dominated the line against the 1st and 2nd string offensive line, sacking Riley a couple of times.

Matt Woodlief made a couple of bone-rattling hits on running backs. Cyhl Quarles is still showing some promise at the safety position. He was solid in pass coverage most of the morning. Not much has been said about Brandon Ghee so far this year but he's the steady influence that keeps on putting forth impressive efforts at nearly every practice.

The offense got going a little later in the scrimmage. Riley connected with his tight ends well. Cameron Ford caught a touchdown and Andrew Parker snagged a nice pass for nice yardage and a first down. Both Josh Adams and Brandon Pendergrass seemed to be running the ball very well later in the scrimmage. Both broke a few tackles and cut their way for extra yardage more than once. Pendergrass made a nifty move to juke a defensive back on his way to a touchdown.

Devon Brown and Chris Givens had good days as well. Those two can be used a variety of ways and are always deep threats downfield in the passing game. Givens continues to show a lot of big-play potential almost every time he touches the ball.

Shane Popham punted pretty well. He banged a 45 and 50 yarder with solid hang-time on the longer punts. He also had a 30 yard field goal. Cline Beam showed the most leg on kickoffs nailing a high-floater about 8 yards deep in the end zone and then lining a kick that hit at the 10 on the sideline and rolled in for a touchback. Jimmy Newman had a couple of really high, floating kicks that reached the 2 and 5. There was lots of spin, so he probably did not quite get all of either kick.

Overall, the team remains focused and are preparing hard for the Baylor Bears.

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