Alumni Update: Eric Williams

For four years, Wake Forest fans watched 6'9, 280-pound center Eric Williams run the floor and man the paint at the Joel Coliseum. Now, Williams plays professional basketball overseas. DeaconSports caught up with Williams for the latest on his life and career in this alumni update.

Former Wake Forest basketball star Eric Williams was always a fan favorite during his time at Wake Forest. A charismatic person with a smile as big as his 6'9, 280-pound frame, Williams had a great career including averaging 16 points and 9 rebounds during his senior campaign.

The following is DeaconSports' quick update with Williams:

DeaconSports: What are you up to these days in addition to just getting married?
Eric Williams: Currently, I'm playing in Italy. This is my fourth year and I'm playing in the Euro League, the second biggest league in the world behind the NBA. I'm still playing basketball. I've gotten to come home for a break, but I'm still playing basketball and doing well.

DS: Is the current "Big E" game the same one that Wake Forest fans saw for years at the Joel?
EW: I'm trying to have the same game. It's even more intense over there and physical. Real physical. It's real tough but it's fun and makes good basketball. I'm still trying to be the same Wake Forest "Big E" that I've always been. It's just a little different.

DS: How long have you been back?
EW: I've been home since May 12th. We lost in the 1st round of the playoffs and I've been home relaxing ever since. I'm heading back out to Italy soon for the season.

DS: It must be nice to see the family and friends here. Do you keep in touch with a lot of your family and friends even over in Italy?
EW: Of course. A lot of family comes to see me and I try to get my friends out there. I love to have them out to see me when I can get them there.

DS: What about the guys from Wake – Chris Paul, Justin Gray, guys like that? Do you talk to them much?
EW: I try to keep in touch with everyone as much as I can. I try my best to keep up with Chris as much as I can. J-Gray, the same thing. I talk to them once in a while. Justin last year was in the Czech Republic. This year he got some offers back and might be in Italy too. I talked to Taron a few weeks ago and he's supposed to be coming up. He's doing really well.

DS: In your time back, have you played with some of the Wake guys?
EW: Oh yeah. Everybody. Me, Chris and Justin came back and played Ish, Chas, the team. We got to play with some of the newer guys too. It's been fun to play with all of those guys.

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