DL Transfer Still A Possibility

Last week, DeaconSports posted on our message boards that we had heard a rumor that Wake Forest may end up picking up a transfer prospect. That prospect is Brandon Cornell, a defensive lineman from Kenton, Ohio, the home of Ben Mauk.

DeaconSports spoke with Brandon Cornell's high school head coach, Mike Mauk, about Cornell's future. Mike Mauk, Ben's father, gave us the latest on Cornell's future plans. "It's safe to say that he is not going back to Louisville," Mike Mauk said. "He's at one of the Ohio State University branch campuses now and his intent is to get his academic classes in order."

As long as Cornell can get his academics in order over the next few months, there is a very good chance that he will end up in Winston-Salem. "If he does get everything squared away, then Wake is the place he would like to go," Mauk said. "The Wake Forest coaches are aware and impressed."

And they should be. Cornell, a freshman, was the MVP of the Big 33 high school All-Star game as a high school senior. He was also good enough to pull off his redshirt last year as a freshman at Louisville and receive playing time. "They were going to redshirt him at Louisville but he was doing so well in practice that they just said that they couldn't sit him out a year," Mauk added.

As for potential schools, Wake Forest, Michigan State, and a host of MAC schools are already involved with Cornell.

He may end up at Wake Forest no matter what happens, however. "We're trying to get him back into the school thing and have him have 24 credit hours to transfer," Mauk said. "If that goes well, he definitely wants to end up at Wake Forest."

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