Cook Discusses WFU Visit

Had a chance to talk to Quinn Cook after his weekend visit to Wake for the Miami game and a tour of the campus. Cook is one of the top PG targets for the class of 2011 and has had an outstanding summer playing AAU ball and is getting ready for his junior season at DeMatha Catholic High School in Hyattsville, Maryland.

Michael Jennings: How's it going Quinn?
Quinn Cook: Going real good, real good.

MJ: You had a visit to Wake Forest this week-end, how did it go?
QC: It went real good. I got to watch the FB game and took a tour of the campus, met the guys (on the BB squad), and talked to the academic people.

MJ: Who did you hang out with most?
QC: Ish, he is a great guy and I had met him LD, and Farouq at the CP camp and they all are great guys. I got to meet all of the players on my visit and got along great with every one of them.

MJ: What impressed you most about the visit?
QC: Everything. I enjoyed the FB game too and was surprised how good Wake is!

MJ: When does your HS season start?
QC: We have our first practice next week and our first game Dec. 2nd.

MJ: Are you guys going to be good and are you excited for the season?
QC: Man I can't wait. We are going to be really good.

MJ: What will be the biggest thing in making your decision on college?
QC: How I get along with the coaches and players mainly

MJ: How far along are you in the process of creating a list?
QC: I plan on cutting it down to 15 or less by December but will not have a top five until probably Fall of next year.

MJ: Your Mom came with you, what did she think of the visit?
QC: She really liked it and was impressed with everything about Wake.

MJ: Do you have a favorite PG to watch play?
QC: Yeah, CP, he is the best.

MJ: Take care Quinn and I will talk to you later this year, thanks for your time.
QC: No problem, I look forward to it.

Quinn seems a long way from deciding where he wants to go but did say whenever it hits him, he will commit. He can play the 1 or the 2 but will play the PG at DeMatha because that is where they need him and he feels that is his position in college too. He seemed to really like the Wake campus and the academic people he talked to but was especially impressed with the staff and players and how friendly they are. This was the most extensive visit he has gone on so far and it really seemed to make a very good impression on him. Stay tuned for any and all information on his recruitment right here at DeaconSports!

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