Ford Returns From Wake

Antonio Ford is one of the "Pahokee kids" that has proven to be a fertile recruiting area for the Deacs over the years and is one of a trio of players who visited Wake this past weekend for the Miami game.

The following is a brief rundown of our conversation concerning his visit. Please keep in mind Antonio is a man of few words but manages to get his points across.

Michael Jennings: How did you like your visit?
Antonio Ford: I really enjoyed it!

MJ: You visited with your teammates Merril Noel and Zach Allen right?
AF: Yeah, we all were there.

MJ: What did you think of the game?
AF: Aw man they should have won that one. They played well but just couldn't make the big play at the end.

MJ: Yes it was a tough loss but I imagine you could see areas you could help this team?
AF: Yeah.

MJ: How is your season going?
AF: Going good, I have really played better on defense this year.

MJ: Wake is recruiting you as a defensive lineman, correct?
AF: Yeah, they explained how I would fit into their system on the DL

MJ: Did you enjoy the staff?
AF: Yeah they were really easy to talk to and they explained why they wanted me

MJ: When do you think you will make a decision?
AF: It's coming up real close now.

MJ: How close, a week or two?
AF: Yeah.

MJ: Do you have a top three?
AF: Yeah, Wake, West Virginia, and Oklahoma State.

MJ: Would you say Wake is in a good spot?
AF: Yes, I really like them

MJ: If you guys win this week, you guys are in the playoffs despite the forfeit right?
AF: Yes sir, we got to get it done this weekend.

MJ: Well good luck and stay healthy
AF: Yes sir, thank you sir.

Wake appears to be in very good shape with Antonio and I would say leads right now. He is a soft spoken, quiet guy who nevertheless is clear in what he wants to get across in a few words. His focus is rightly on this weekend's important game for Pahokee and a decision on his college future will likely come shortly after it.

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