Q&A: J.T. Terrell

Incoming 2010 freshman J.T. Terrell is finishing up a strong senior season. The 6'3" guard from West Charlotte's scoring ability is well documented and will be a welcome addition to the Deacs next season. For now though, Terrell is focused on the conference tournament and his quest for a state title. DeaconSports caught up with Terrell after he took in the Deacs' recent victory over Georgia Tech.

DeaconSports: How's the season going?
J.T. Terrell: The season's going really well. We start the conference tournament on Tuesday and we're playing Mallard Creek. We are starting to gel together a little bit more and everyone is ready for the playoffs, so we're going to make the best of the rest of the season.

DS: What's your plan for the offseason?
Terrell: I'm waiting for the summer to come around; then I'm going to start working out and get back in the gym. I'm just going to start preparing myself for what I need to fix and prepare myself so I can play when I get to Wake.

DS: What are your strengths and what do you need to work on when you get to Wake?
Terrell:For my strengths, I'd say leadership and my scoring ability—ability to make my teammates better. Something I'd need to work on is my defense as well as my ballhanding. I want to work on becoming an all-around player.

DS: Have you been talking to any of the guys on the team?
Terrell: I talk to the players that are here as well as the recruits in my class—Melvin [Tabb], Travis [McKie] and Tony [Chennault] every now and then.

DS: What do you think of Wake's season this far?
Terrell: I think they have a chance to make a big run, at least hopefully. I hope they will…and go ahead and make a national championship. At least when I'm there I want to make a good run and pull out a championship [smiles].

DS: Who are you most excited to play with when you get here?
Terrell: Everybody man, everybody.

DS: Who is your favorite player in the NBA?
Terrell: Lebron and Kobe.

DS: Who is the best player you've ever played against?
Terrell: I'd say, maybe John [Wall]. He just plays so hard no matter whether we are playing pickup or not, he just goes so hard. That man never takes a break.

DS: Thanks, I appreciate it. Good luck on Tuesday.
Terrell: Thanks.

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