Q&A: Travis McKie

Hopes are are high for Wake Forest's 2010 basketball recruiting class. One of the reasons for that is forward Travis McKie. DeaconSports spoke with McKie about his senior season at John Marshall as well as his preparation for life in the ACC.

DeaconSports: How would you describe your senior season at John Marshall?
Travis McKie: "It was cool. It was a good season. My goal going into the year was getting a state title but we came up short but overall it was a good year. I hope we laid the foundation for the guys next year to be successful."

DS: What postseason awards have you received so far?
TM: "I was named Richmond Times Dispatch Player of the Year for the second time. Also I have been District Player of the Year 3 years in a row. Also, first team All-Region and Region Player of the Year. I think I will make All-State but I'm not sure yet."

DS: Now it's time to get ready for ACC ball. What are you doing to prepare for that?
TM: "I've been getting in the weight room and in the gym. I'm just working on all phases of my game from ball handling to shooting jumpers. I'm also working to get my conditioning where it needs to be. I will be doing a lot of individual workouts."

DS: What are your expectations for next season?
TM: "I know we will be young but I think we will be good. Everyone on the team next year can play. I just want to win as many games as possible. I'm going to help the team in any way I can. I just want to get wins."

DS: Who is the most underrated player in Wake's 2010 class?
TM: "I have to go with Tony (Chennault). He is the best player on his team and they are ranked in the top 3 in the country but Tony isn't even ranked in the top 100. Tony is a fearless player. He is going to be ready next year."

DS: Last question - are you the undisputed Twitter king?
TM: "Just look at everyone else on there. They may have a few more followers than me but I am the Twitter king. I'll say no other high school or college player tweets more than I do. I am the Floyd Mayweather of Twitter."

Note: Travis will be participating in the Capitol Classic All-Star game next month.

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