Q&A: Carson Desrosiers

Central Catholic center Carson Desrosiers really was the big man on campus this year. The senior recently capped off a sparkling season that saw him put up 22 points, 11 rebounds and 7 blocks per game, hit a game-winning shot in the State Championship and earn a spot on the Academic All-American team.

DeaconSports had a chance to talk to Desrosiers and get an update on the season, his game and where he sees himself playing with the Demon Deacons.

DS: Carson, just tell me a little bit about the season.
Carson Desrosiers: I think at the beginning of the year, after hearing everybody's opinions, we were a lot more motivated to have a successful season. A lot of people were questioning me and questioning the fact that we didn't have a point guard. As the season progressed, even though we didn't have a legitimate point guard, we were really good. Obviously, we thought we could beat anybody.

DS: There has been some talk about your game and the fact that the competition in Massachusetts isn't filled with marquee players. What do you have to say to the critics?
CD: In the high school season, I was playing local teams in Massachusetts. Some of the teams aren't as strong, but we beat all of them. If people are going to say that they don't know what I can do because I'm playing against shorter kids, then look to my AAU play as a perfect example. I worked hard and got noticed. That's where I started to move up in the recruiting rankings. I played against some great big men in those games and I put up a few triple doubles against them. In every AAU game I was never overmatched.

DS: What are your strengths? What do you need to work on?
CD: I just need to improve on my strengths and build off of what I do best. I think I can be a pretty good player at the next level. I've been working out a lot, trying to improve my ballhandling and shooting and get myself more skilled. I think I can be a guy who can start at the high post, hit jumpers if they're open. And I am a smart player who rebounds, plays D and blocks shots.

DS: Where do you see yourself playing at Wake?
CD: I definitely see myself playing the 4. I think that in my AAU season, my coach really pushed me to play on the perimeter and the high post. It really worked well, so I fell in love with it. But out of necessity, and to get ready for college, I've been working on my post game too the last few weeks and I will continue to while I hit the weights. But either way, I'll do whatever I need to do.

DS: How does it feel to be named to the Academic All-American Game?
CD: The first word Academic is huge—the best players in the country with a 3.2 or higher. It's a reward for performing in the classroom. It's cool to be recognized for that and not only my basketball talents. The trip to L.A. will be fun and I'm looking forward to that. It's the first All-Star game I've had the chance to play in. Watching the McDonald's game and other games, it's just motivation to work harder.

DS: What was your reaction to the news that Coach Wojick was leaving the program?
CD: I had a good relationship with Coach Wojick. I have been texting him every now and then. But for me, I don't know what's going on. This is a shock. I guess it's a business and you have to make the right decision for whatever reason.

DS: What are you most excited about?
CD: Ish for another year would have been really fun. But I am just excited for the fact that I get to play with real bigs—legitimate seven footers. I just want to see how well we're going to perform. I know people have been saying it's a rebuilding year, so I'm interested to see what ends up happening.

DS: Thanks Carson, I really appreciate it. We'll talk soon.
CD: Anytime.

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