Hamm Discusses WFU Visit #5

DeMatha Catholic athlete Jesstin Hamm is a prospect that the Wake Forest coaches are keeping a close eye on in the class of 2011. Following his spring game visit, the wide receiver and safety prospect has visited Wake Forest five times thus far and has caught the attention of the Demon Deacon staff.

One thing that Jesstin Hamm has proven to be is a versatile prospect capable of playing multiple positions at the next level. "I could be a wide receiver or a safety," Hamm said. "I'm wide open because as Wake goes, they want me at defensive back and at receiver. They want me at camp at both so I'm open as both. I feel I can do either/or. To tell you the truth, I think my size will lead me to wide receiver and I love to catch the ball but love to hit as well."

According to Hamm, the Demon Deacon coaches have different ideas for where to play him. "Coach Lambert being the defensive coordinator wants me on defense and Coach Knorr wants me on offense. That's why I'm going to camp – I can play either/or and would happy at either at Wake Forest."

Hamm, who has made DeMatha's varsity squad for the past two years, was used to block on offense last season and defensive back on the other side of the ball. "I was used as blocking wide receiver on offense," he said. "On my tape you will see that on all of my blocks, I was legitimately blocking or knocking people off of their feet. I'm physical and aggressive. I've got plays in coverage and they love my aggressiveness at Wake. Most places want me to go camp to see to see me catch the ball though."

Wake Forest is one of those schools hoping to see more at camp. "Talking to Coach Grobe, they want to ensure that I'm committed to go to camp and showcase my skills," Hamm said. "Last weekend was maybe my 5th time [visiting WFU] counting camp. This past Saturday, I went down there. I had toured the campus but the spring game I was looking forward to so I could see the speed they played. Wake has a very good defense and the offense is up and coming. Even with injury problems, they worked through it and played well. They distributed the ball well and it's a family environment which is what I need."

In addition to Wake Forest, a host of other schools are in the mix for Hamm. "I'm interested in Virginia and I've been there," he said. "I'm taking a visit to Wisconsin in the summer because they like me. Cincy, UConn, Duke, East Carolina, Maryland, and Navy, those are schools I'm interested in. I'm keeping an open mind even though Wake's the top of my list and they've shown a lot of interest. I've got an open head."

Ham expanded further upon his interest in Wake Forest. "I'm just in love with the school. My dad used to live in North Carolina so it is convenient. It's great, it's small which is what I need. I don't need a million people [there] so I can't get the 1:1 relationship. Wake Forest is smaller just like DeMatha and when Coach Grobe said the teachers know you by name, that meant a lot to me."

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