Barber Has Tough Decision Ahead

Jared Barber has settled on three schools that are at the top of his list and plans to visit each of them before making his college decision...

Starting this weekend Jared Barber will set out to visit each of those three schools in an effort to decide where he should spend the college years of his life.

The schools that are in contention for the linebacker from Davie County High School are Wake Forest, NC State and West Virginia, and each of them have qualities that interest him. DeaconSports spoke to Barber for the second time in a short while as the time for visits, and a decision, draws nearer.

"I'm actually going to West Virginia this weekend," Barber said. "They offered a couple of weeks ago so I'll be going up there. I'm going to hit State and Wake right after that. Once I do that I'll probably have a leader and I'll go ahead and make a soft (verbal) commitment, just in case I need to have the door left open."

What does Barber like about each school, and why might he choose each one?

"Just the fact that Wake is so close to home is nice," he noted. "I can come home on Sundays and visit mom and dad, and get them to come to my games.

"But then also it's Coach Grobe. He's just an amazing guy. You can tell he definitely cares about his players as people more than athletes and that really jumps out at you. I haven't seen that with any other university. Coach Russ is a great coach and a heckuva guy.

"NC State is only a two-hour drive from my house, and again, people can come watch me if I go there. Coach O'Brien is doing a heckuva job up there. The defense has been struggling the past couple of years and it would be nice to go there and help their defense get back to where it was.

"Coach Tenuta came from Notre Dame and he's a heckuva coach. He's been around quite a few schools and quite a few great ball players. He's helped a lot of guys get to the next level.

"One big plus for West Virginia is a big part of my family -- literally almost 80-percent of them -- is from Kentucky. They're in Ashland which is only about two and a half hours away from West Virginia. They couldn't watch me play if I stayed here for college."

"Also, their defensive style is hard nosed and they hit people in the mouth. That's the kind of player I am."

Stay tuned to DeaconSports for more on Barber's decision.

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