Caffey Visiting Wake Soon?

Atlanta (GA) Grady athlete Marcus Caffey is high on Wake Forest's recruiting board and he may be in Winston-Salem before too long. DeaconSports caught up with the 6-foot, 175-pound athlete from the Peach State and learned that he is hoping to visit several schools before the end of the summer. Wake Forest should be in his travel plans.

"I haven't been anywhere as of today," Marcus Caffey said. "but I will probably be visiting a couple of schools this month. I was actually planning on visiting Wake Forest, South Carolina, and maybe Kentucky or Vanderbilt. They would just be unofficial visits, just to see the schools and talk to some of the coaches."

Caffey is especially anxious to get out to some schools because he hasn't been too focused on recruiting yet this summer. Some other prospects have been on the road a lot and Caffey is looking to catch up. He will also need to get on some campuses in order to make an educated decision later on.

"I can't really say I have any favorites because I haven't actually visited any schools," he said. "I don't know anything about the schools so I really can't say that now.

"I wanted to (commit) before my season but now that I've got more offers I want to see which ones would be the right fit. If I commit I feel like the worst thing I could do would be to decommit. I want the school I first commit to to be the place I end up at."

With 15 offers on the table Caffey certainly has his work cut out for him. Atlanta area prospects receive a lot of attention as it is, so things will be hectic for Caffey between now and Signing Day.

"I think I'm looking for a stable coach and a school that makes me feel like I'm at home," he said, citing two factors that Wake Forest seems to play up well in the minds of potential recruits. Caffey said a lot of schools are recruiting him as a running back, while schools such as South Carolina, Arkansas, Ole Miss and Kentucky are recruiting him as a cornerback.

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