Ingram's Rehab Going Well

At the end of February, Kinston shooting guard Jeremy Ingram heard a pop in his knee while playing in the NCHSAA tournament. Just a few short days later, he was under the knife, having surgery on his right knee.

"I was in the game and felt the pop so I knew something was wrong," Jeremy Ingram said Tuesday night, "So I went to the doctor and they did x-rays and they said I tore some cartilage in my knee. It had jammed my knee so I couldn't bend it. I asked the doctors and they said that the best way to fix it was surgery so I said ‘Let's do it.'"

Just two days after injuring his knee, Ingram was in surgery. "We did it the not last Friday but the Friday before that," Ingram said. "Coach Prosser called shortly after that and talked to the doctor and told him how it went good and all. [The doctor] told Coach Prosser that it would be around 2 ½ weeks before I could hit the court again."

Now it's down to just a 1 ½ weeks. "Everything's going well," Ingram said of his rehab. "I started rehab yesterday. I can get good bending and everything and it's more mobile and no problems right now. The doctors just say not to do too much, just to chill out and get it stronger and then I can get working out and get ready to play at Wake Forest."

"But right now it feels good and I'm doing leg extensions, squats, all that good stuff," Ingram continued. "In a week and a half I can be in the gym working hard for Wake. I'll be working on my game from now until July when I go to summer school."

What does Ingram plan to do in order to prepare for basketball in the ACC? "Most of my emphasis this summer will be on ball-handling and perimeter shooting," Ingram said. "If I can work on that, I think that I can be a good player and live up to my potential."

Ingram also said that he may play AAU basketball with Chris Paul and several other North Carolina natives this summer. "We haven't thought about it too much, but I've talked to Chris about getting some of the best players from North Carolina together and hopefully destroying some teams."

Some guys Ingram mentioned were Paul, P.J. Tucker who is headed to Texas, UNC signee Reyshawn Terry, and Bobby Perry who is going to Kentucky.

No matter what, Ingram will be around his fellow backcourt mate Chris Paul, however. "Either way, wherever Chris will be this summer is where I'll be and wherever I'll be, Chris will be."

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