MOOS: No hidden meaning behind radio comment

COMING OFF SATURDAY'S lackluster performance against FCS foe Montana State, it's perhaps not surprising every word and utterance coming out of Pullman is being sliced, diced and scrutinized for hidden or not-so-hidden meanings. So when Bill Moos inserted the following word - 2010 - into one particular sentence, the meaning of it raised a very big question. As such, we went to Moos for clarity.

Bill Moos, on Cougar Calls with Bill Moos, heard every Monday morning at 10 a.m. with host Bud Nameck on Spokane's 700 AM ESPN The Ticket, said that Paul Wulff was doing a good job in recruiting, that he's WSU's football coach in 2010 and that he needs to be supported by the fans.

The "2010" reference pricked up a few ears around Cougar Nation.

"My intention on what I said was don't start calling in and grousing and complaining. He's our football coach, and we need to support him. I don't like the in-season grousing and all that kind of stuff," Moos told CF.C.

And the specific reference to 2010…?

"Like I've always done every place, I assess every coach's job at the end of the season, when we have our talk – that's whether they've gone undefeated or they haven't won a game," said Moos. "There was no hidden meaning in that.

"There ain't going to be another coach in 2010 so let's support the one we've got… At the end of 2010, we'll do what I've always done, we'll discuss what needs to be improved, what went well and we'll go from there."

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