HARD TO BELIEVE, but this one-time CF.C staple hasn't been in lights since '08. With one blowout loss and one shockingly difficult win in the rear view, the ‘Fan is going old school. Back in the other Crimson Dark Age (1998-00), the Buzz was what kept the faithful smilin'. So it's time to again turn that frown upside down with a little irreverence at people and things in and around Planet Coug.

The quiver is full and the arrows are flying ...

Clarity Maybe the fault is ours, but when Paul Wulff said the Cougs would be competitive this year we didn't understand what his definition of the word was. Apparently he was referring only to games played against opponents from the Big Sky Conference.
Bill Moos Only on the job a few months, his imprint is everywhere. He's stealing administrative talent from Oregon, focusing on facilities, tying up Marbut, introducing new game-day traditions, etc. To top it off, he even has his own radio show where cryptic utterances about his football coach's future lights up the gossip tree like a Lindsey Lohan night on the town.
UCLA's new tag line Old Buzz: Where high school All-Americans go to get soft.
New Buzz: Where offensive coordinators once known as geniuses go to lose their luster. First, Norm Chow is so stumped on what to do next he decides to steal "the pistol" offense from mighty Nevada. That's like Picasso taking an art class from that bushy-haired guy on the cable access channel. And now, last Saturday, Slick Rick calls the Bruin offense "a disaster" to which Norm replies meekly, "He said it was a disaster?" Yes, Mr. Offensive Coordinator Formerly Known as THE Norm Chow, he did.
Marquess Wilson The true freshman wide receiver from Tulare has turned more heads on the Palouse than any Cougar youngster this side of Michael Bumpus. He runs, he leaps, he catches, he's 6-foot-3. And he might just turn into the most complete receiving package the Cougs have had since Jason Hill.
Jerry Brewer There have been Husky sycophants posing as Seattle sports columnists before but ol' Jerry is such a purple kiss ass he makes Rick Rizzs look like a grouchy undertaker. Word on the street is that the Times requires staffers to sing the Dub's fight song before starting the work day. Speaking of which, how about that lame radio ad of Bob Condotta talking about worshipping at the altar of Sonny Sixkiller since he was a kid. So much for objectivity. Ed Murrow is spinning in his grave.
Matt Hayes This Sporting News columnist clearly didn't get the memo about Jake Locker walking on water and working wonders with loaves and fishes. Hayes had the audacity this week to say "I know a top overall pick when I see one – Washington QB Jake Locker, everyone, is not a No. 1." What? This is blasphemy! Where is his mug of Seattle Kool-Aid? Does he not know that Jake is, according to Condotta and the buffoon shack known as KJR Radio, the actual Messiah (to the degree a guy with nine career wins can be the Messiah, that is)?
Recruiting It's an inexact science that doesn't come clear until three or four years down road but consensus near and far is that Wulff & Co. are continuing to do a helluva job in the talent wars despite the lack of Ws in the standings.
Cheapskates Remember the 10-10-10 initiative unveiled last fall? It was the goal to increase the number of donors to WSU athletics from approximately 6,000 to 10,000 by October 10, 2010. The clock's ticking, friends, and word out of Pullman is that it would take a miracle to even reach 7,000 by next month. Weak, lame, ouch … the list can go on and on.
Currcoug This longtime message board poster possesses the Three Rs. He's realistic, reflective and ratiocinative on the football board. He can be critical without being confrontational, praising without patronizing.

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