Details emerge in hoops incident

DETAILS ON THE incident involving Cougar DeAngelo Casto have emerged, and they involve police peeking into windows and more.

According to KREM-2, here's what happened according to the Pullman Police Department..

Early Tuesday morning around 1:20am, officers were on foot patrol near an area where they've had several burglaries recently. They saw the screen missing from a window, so they decided to check it out. When they looked inside, it appeared that someone (DeAngelo Casto) was rolling a marijuana cigarette at a table.

The officers knocked on the door and Casto answered. The police instantly smelled marijuana. They explained to Casto what they had seen outside and asked him to bring the marijuana to them. He complied with the request.

The officers didn't have a citation book at the time, so they asked Casto to come to the police department later in the day. Casto arrived at the station around 10pm with his attorney. That's when he was officially cited for possession of marijuana (technically arrested and released).

The Associated Press reported Casto entered a not guilty plea on Wednesday to a misdemeanor charge of marijuana possession. Casto's lawyer was quoted as saying the Pullman police violated Casto's constitutional rights.

"This case is never going to get to first base," Pullman attorney Timothy Esser said. "This case will be dismissed. There was absolutely no compliance with constitutional privacy interest requirements."

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