Klay Thompson leaning toward NBA, says dad

WASHINGTON STATE basketball star Klay Thompson is "leaning" toward entering the NBA draft but will not hire an agent at this point, Thompson's father said Wednesday. "It's not 100 percent," Mychal Thompson said. "But if he did it, he'd be in a good situation." Thompson said he will fly to Pullman on Thursday to sit down with his son and discuss his basketball future.

Mychal Thompson, a former NBA player, has spent weeks grilling NBA general managers and scouts on his son's draft appeal. Klay, a junior guard, ranked 11th in NCAA Division I with 21.6 points per game.

"From all the feedback I'm getting, he's a first-rounder," Thompson said. "And he has a chance to go to some workouts and enhance his position even more."

Players who declare for the draft, or players who have exhausted their college eligibility, often work out with several teams.

Mychal Thompson, drafted No. 1 overall by Portland in 1978, played in the NBA for 12 years and now serves as a broadcaster for the Los Angeles Lakers. He has printed copies of the information he has gathered from talking with general managers and scouts about Klay.

"I'm just going to supply him with all the reports I have, let him sit down and read them and see what he thinks about it, see how it helps influence him," Thompson said. "I've done my due diligence. I've taken advantage of my ‘insider trader' abilities here. I've got as good of access as anybody else. I might as well take advantage of it."

Players who don't sign with an agent have until May 8 to withdraw their name from the draft and remain eligible for college basketball. They have until April 24 to declare. The NBA Draft is June 23.

Mychal Thompson joked that Klay "doesn't need an agent -- he's got me -- but I'm going to charge him twice as much as an agent! When he gets my bill, he's going to wish he had an agent!" Klay faces one major challenge before his father arrives in town.

"He better have a clean house and clean sheets," the elder Thompson said. "I don't like a mess."

Mychal said he's also counting on Klay to steer him to a good pizza restaurant while he's in town.

"I'll be his NBA tour guide," Thompson said. "He can be my Pullman tour guide."

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