5 Questions for WSU o-coordinator Todd Sturdy

WHAT'S THE MAIN thing Cougar fans will notice this year about the offense? What was the top priority this spring for offensive coordinator Todd Sturdy and to what degree was it accomplished? How does the depth on the o-line compare to last year? The Cougs' o-coordinator weighs in on those subjects and more..

CF.C: How do you compare where you're at now, with where this offense was at this time last spring?

Todd Sturdy: Now, in looking at all the position groups, we have more competition. For example, we have some depth in the o-line finally, our receivers have some depth, at QB we have some depth, at tight end, Andre (Lintz) and (Aaron) Dunn both had good springs, we've got some depth at tight end -- all those spots have some depth now. Now, we need to continue and keep at it, we need to keep backfilling it with recruiting. But overall, are we ahead of where we were last year? Oh yeah, we're definitely ahead.

CF.C: What was your No. 1 priority for the spring as offensive coordinator, and to what degree did you accomplish it.

Sturdy: Execution. And overall I thought our kids really did a nice job of that. We hit a lot of the things we were looking at there. Execution and consistency. This spring we were seeing our kids make a lot more plays, a lot more positive things happening on a consistent basis. Execution and consistency might be coaching clichés but if you put an umbrella over the whole thing, that's what you're striving for... And I thought we took a big step there this spring.

CF.C: On a scale of 1 to 10, how do you see the overall depth.

Sturdy: That's a tough question. I'll say this, I think our overall depth is as good as it's been since we've been here and it's not even close. And it's going to continue to get better, as we continue to recruit and backfill. It goes back to competition, we have that at every position, and quality competition -- we have fragile spots like everyone does. But if you look at our offensive line, we finished last year with basically five guys. This spring, our two deeps in the o-line have changed dramatically. We're going to have a real solid two deeps there, and those guys have high expectations for themselves…and that's just one example. Every group is becoming more and more stable.

CF.C: Speaking of the o-line, Steve Morton is entering his second year, how much did that come into play this spring?

Sturdy: Absolutely. Steve Morton has done a fabulous job with the players, it's an ongoing process obviously, but he's built a unit that has a lot of pride in what they're doing, the execution is considerably better. His expectations as a coach have really, again, created a stable, healthy environment. Now, more and more recruiting, getting more players into the equation, is critical. But what you saw this spring is players who are now growing up in the system, it's been a maturing process. It's getting better, and it's going to keep getting better.

CF.C: Without giving away state secrets, what's the biggest difference fans can expect to see this year on offense?

Sturdy: Execution. Look, there's a lot of good stuff out there, but the x's and o's and all that? They all go back to execution. And I was very pleased with how our kids did that this spring.

Stay tuned to CF.C later this week for more with Wazzu's offensive coordinator, as Sturdy runs down the Cougar quarterbacking from this spring and more.

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