WIRE: Wulff sees good things coming in 2011

PAUL WULFF IN A radio interview this afternoon had encouraging words about the Cougs' upcoming 2011 season and on the team's academics. He talked about some of the players who could be primed for breakout seasons and he said the WSU offensive line is ready to show marked improvement and has now gotten to the stage that it features quality depth.

Paul Wulff also told Ian Furness of KJR-radio that the expanded conference, and the giant new TV contract, is reaping big dividends nationally on the recruiting trail for the Cougs.

Team pride, said Wulff, is at an all-time high due to the direction of the WSU program and the numerous facilities improvements on tap.

Wulff said the preliminary academic reports are positive, with the Cougs' overall GPA close to 2.7. They're still waiting to hear on two players who should have their grades finalized in the next week or two. Everyone else is in good shape following the semester.

That includes Sekope Kaufusi and C.J. Mizell, said Wulff, both of whom took care of business in the classroom this past semester, said Wulff.

Among those to keep an eye out for this year, said Wulff, is DT Kalafitoni Pole, who also scored a 3.0 in classroom this semester with 15 credit hours. Wulff also had plenty of praise for Cougar tight ends Aaron Dunn and Adrei Lintz.

Wulff said both are "multiple guys", that the Cougs can do a lot of different things with. Both, said Wulff, have a really good chance to have breakout seasons.

Jeff Tuel will be under center and in the shotgun, and the Cougs will use a combination of huddle and no-huddle, with Wulff saying on offense the Cougars in 2011 will be able to "do more than we've ever done" because of the strides made and the growth.

Nowhere is that more apparent than on the offensive line. Wulff said that high performing linemen take time, and the Cougs have now reached a point where those benefits are going to be seen.

"You're going to see a very good offensive line over the next few years… I'm very pleased with where the offensive line is at now," said Wulff.

Among those who have a chance to make a big impact this season is John Fullington.

"I've never been around a kid that good at that age. He has a long ways to go still but he (can be) special," said Wulff.

As has been oft-mentioned, wide receiver is stacked this season. Two starters are established, with Jared Karstetter and Marquess Wilson and then for that third spot, it's probably Gino Simone and Isiah Barton but don't rule out Kristoff Williams, Isiah Myers or Bobby Ratliff, said Wulff.

"Gino I think is a guy who can take a big stride, it's the first time he's really been healthy," said Wulff.

Williams has the potential to be a very good player this year, his physical style is different than Wilson's, and his development will continue because he was a QB in high school rather than a WR as was Wilson.

Jeff Tuel is the leader, there are other leaders but Tuel is "the guy", said Wulff.

As has also been oft-mentioned on CF.C, the Cougs played 7 freshman on defense a lot of last season. Wulff said the experienced gained and growth made will pay dividends in 2011.

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