The making of a mega-deal for the Pac-12

THE TV DEAL THAT is about to result in unprecedented money and exposure for the Pac-12 came about at break-neck speed courtesy of two rivals forming an unlikely alliance to keep Comcast/NBC from gaining a foothold in college football. In a fascinating new story, details the anatomy of a process that culminated in the greatest move in conference history.

The windall from the deal -- $15 million annually per school in Year One, climbing eventually to about $20 million per anum -- is head-turning enough. Add in the national exposure and it becomes jaw-dropping. But then factor the details around the provisions that call for the league to also create its own TV channel to handle "spillover inventory" and you have the Mother of All Cash Cows.

John Ourand and Michael Smith of take you behind the scences of a deal that will forever change the face of athletics at Washington State and the rest of the Pac-12. Here's the link to their fine work.

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