Old Coug Trandon Harvey pulling double duty

REMEMBER TRANDON HARVEY? Of course you do. It's a rhetorical question, given his last-minute heroics in the 2005 Apple Cup. But what you probably don't know is that he's keeping his NFL dreams alive in the Arena League at the same time he's getting a foothold in the regular work world. The result is 15-hour days. KPNX-TV Phoenix did a great piece on Trandon over the weekend.

You'll find that he's married now, with a cute-as-they-come son. You'll find that he still wears Cougar shirts and shorts. And you'll find that for even a star in the Arena League life is a juggling act to make ends meet. It's a great story.

For a fun walk down memory lane, head to the CF.C archives and this March 2006 column, Trandon Harvey's permanent place in Cougar history. And for another jolt of nostalgia. you can watch video of Harvey's Apple Cup TD HERE.

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