Coug LB in trouble with the law

LINEBACKER LOUIS BLAND has reportedly been arrested for the second time in three months.

Louis Bland was arrested early Tuesday morning after a noise complaint, according to an ESPN report. Police say they detected the smell of marijuana and obtained and executed a search warrant.

They then allegedly found a small amount of marijuana along with a powdery substance. A stolen stop sign was also found. The Moscow-Pullman Daily News reported the white powdery substance was found in Bland's bedroom, it was tested and found inconclusive for cocaine and the Pullman Police believe it to be some sort of ground pill.

According to the Pullman Police Department log, Bland was arrested for Possession of Stolen Property, Possession of Marijuana less than 40 grams, and Possession of a Control Substance.

Bland had previously entered into a contract for dismissal with the Whitman County Prosecutors office stemming from the February misdemeanor assault arrest according to ESPN, and that deal states if Bland stays out of legal trouble for a year the misdemeanor assault count will be dropped.

It was recently determined that Bland needed further surgery on his knee and would miss his second straight full season. The linebacker has not played since midway through the 2009 season due to injury.

Washington State spokesperson Bill Stevens said the WSU coaches are aware of the incident, will gather the facts and will deal with the situation after the facts are in.

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