Gesser joins Cougs full time

JASON GESSER'S long-desired plan to return to Washington State has begun. The Cougar quarterbacking great is joining the football program and will assist with the offense. He'll be in Pullman and plans to hit the ground running in late July. Gesser talks to CF.C about his new gig with the Cougs...

Gesser said he will be an off-the-field assistant, involved in the staff meetings, breaking down scout film of opponents and more.

"It's a way to get my foot in the door," Gesser told CF.C. "I'll be helping the offense out in whatever way I can and in whatever way is helpful to the assistant coaches and to Paul Wulff. I'll be breaking down those defenses and whatever they need me to do.

"I don't really know what my title is going to be but I'm basically going to be an assistant to the coaches... and I can't wait to help out offensive coordinator (Todd) Sturdy and all the coaches in whatever ways I can."

Gesser is making a significant sacrifice to come back to his alma mater full time.

He'll leave behind his head coaching position at Eastside Catholic High, as well as his job as an Fox Sports Net analyst plus the summer camps on the west side of the state that he's run for the past three years. He'll also be apart from his wife and family for the first year, with the plan for them to join him next year in Pullman.

"That's how much that place means to me. This is a significant life change, leaving behind (E-C, FSN and the camps) and then also for a year, my family. I've got the greatest wife, she's a Coug too and she understands my passion for that place, to have the opportunity to to pursue my dream, to get on at Washington State and work my way up," said Gesser.

Gesser said his joining the staff was an idea that came up a few months ago during a conversation with Wulff. They talked more over the next several weeks and it recently developed into a reality. He won't be coaching out on the field but says he hopes to have a significant, positive impact in other ways.

"I'm extremely excited, I've been talking with coach Sturdy and coach Wulff a lot over the past several weeks. It's going to be really something to be in that staff room and helping out.

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