Marshall Lobbestael's Diary: Week 2

PULLMAN -- Ah, summer! Break out the 50 SPF sunscreen! For most people 15 SPF or less is fine, but I need a little extra protection from the sun. We're starting to get in a groove with morning workouts and with some competition sprinkled in a couple times a week, both in the weight room and on the field. And we're having some fun while putting in the necessary hard work.

Here are some questions from the CF.C message boards I wanted to answer for this week:

sltshkr: (What stands out in your mind from the O-line you see today vs. the O-line last season and/or previous seasons since you've been in Pullman?)

Great question, some other people had similar questions about the O-line so I hope I can answer them all at once. The first difference that stands out in my mind is determination. That sounds cliché and very broad, but let me elaborate.

The o-line is here in full force, and I haven't seen the position group ever work so hard. Specifically, in the work they do on their own.

Not only are they doing the morning workouts with everyone else, the offensive workouts twice a week, but as a position group they get together during the week to watch film and hit the field for individual drills and extra work. I'm not going to make predictions, but I will state facts -- they are determined to be the strong point of our football team and they are the hardest working o-line as a unit that I've been around in my time in Pullman.

One thing is certain about this year's group, they know how to work and they're going to leave it on the field. Andrew Roxas and B.J. Guerra are stepping up as senior leaders, but they all hold each other accountable and you can tell the position group wants to be great. After a summer of this kind of hard work, I think we're going to love what we see this fall.

CougarMVP:(What do you think about the Martin Stadium and football-only facility renovations coming in 2012 and 2013? I'm sure the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are excited about the renovations and the impact they will have on WSU athletics and the university in general.)

I can't wait to see what Mr. Moos and the administration get going for our program. I have to admit I am jealous of the younger guys who will get to use the new facilities, but I couldn't be more excited for WSU to get them and for the guys to get to use them.

Many of you probably can agree with me, but Mr. Moos is the kind of guy that when he talks you listen, and after listening to him talk with such passion and dedication to WSU and the kind of program we're working towards, you get the urge to run through a brick wall for him to help get it done.

The facilities will have a great impact on the entire university as well as past, current and future Cougs. I'm also pumped to come back to Pullman and see the renovations finished after I graduate.

Go Cougs!

Cougar quarterback Marshall Lobbestael hails from Oak Harbor, where he was named the 2006 state Class 4A Player of the Year by the Associated Press and Seattle Times after leading Oak Harbor High to its first-ever state championship game. During the course of his Cougar career, he has earned a Pac-10 offensive player weekly award and has started six games while playing in 20.

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