Marshall Lobbestael's Diary: The final entry

PULLMAN -- Summer 2011 is now in the books! Now that we've completed the first step of this season, it's time to recover from summer workouts and gear up for camp and the start of the ‘11 season. Today's workout had great energy and as a team, we finished out the summer strong.

Congrats to the rest of the fourth and fifth year seniors for completing our last summer workout as Cougs! This week flew by.

We threw skelly Tuesday and Thursday and most guys are heading home today for our week off before camp. We finished the week with a front-squat day in the weight room and then the big guys worked on their drive while everyone else ran sprints out on the field. It was a great day and a great week.

007Coug: I was wondering how Marquess Wilson has looked this off season in the weight room? Has he gained much weight? Also what young receiver do you see having a breakout year that hasn't played before?

Great question, I should be able to answer a couple other questions in this response.

Marquess is looking bigger and better. As far as body weight goes, I'm not sure the exact numbers, but just from a strength standpoint, he is much improved. Even though he has a pretty lean body type, he has a good frame and is beginning to add some muscle to it. I think the fact that he still is young physically is a benefit to him and WSU because with age and more time in the weight room, I think he will continue to fill out his frame.

A young receiver that I could see having a breakout year would be Kristoff Williams. Kristoff has the size and strength that a lot of guys don't have and I can't wait to see how he uses it against opposing DBs. He's been doing everything in the weight room and on the field, as well as our player practices. He's done a good job getting treatment to make sure the turf-toe doesn't flare up again and I'm excited to see what he can do on Saturdays.

coughouse How's the long snapper Zach Koepp looking?

Glad you asked. Zach is dedicated to becoming the best snapper he can be. The guy is out on the field a couple times a week snapping and puts in the work towards perfecting his craft. Although he doesn't have a ton of experience, he is looking good and I say that with confidence because of his work ethic.

alphacoug who is the biggest beast in the weight room?

B.J. Guerra is the biggest beast in the weight room, in my opinion. Physically, he is huge, he puts up big numbers and he's intense and fired up when he is moving weight around. It's fun to watch him lift, especially when we max and he's gotten progressively stronger throughout his career here.

CougarMVP Do you guys get a week or before the start of fall camp? What will you do in that time off besides rest and play NCAA 12?

Yes we do get a week off from workouts. I took first session of summer school, but the second and third session end today if I'm not mistaken. So with no class and no workouts most guys are going home for the week, though some are staying in Pullman to relax. Personally I'm going back to Oak Harbor and I can't wait! My older brother will also be home for a couple days so I'll work out a couple times with him, maybe go to Oak Harbor's drive-in movie theater and enjoy my mom's cooking. I like watching guys play the NCAA games, but I have to admit I am horrible at playing them. I'm more of a Guitar Hero guy so I won't be playing too many video games next week.

Even though I've been excited to go home, the season is finally starting and I'm pumped to start fall camp and get going. The plan is for a couple workouts next week to make sure conditioning is maintained and then we're back in Pullman to report for camp at the end of next week. Hope you guys enjoyed my last diary, thanks for the questions, for reading and for being great fans and having our backs! See you guys at fall camp! Go Cougs!

Cougar quarterback Marshall Lobbestael hails from Oak Harbor, where he was named the 2006 state Class 4A Player of the Year by the Associated Press and Seattle Times after leading Oak Harbor High to its first-ever state championship game. During the course of his Cougar career, he has earned a Pac-10 offensive player weekly award and has started six games while playing in 20 contests.

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