Tyree Toomer's Diary: The final entry

PULLMAN – I just want to give a shout out to all the Cougs, to the whole team, for their high level of work this summer, for everyone showing up and for everyone holding one another accountable. It was a highly productive summer session -- our strength coach said it's the best he's seen since he's been here.

We ran skelly on Tuesday and Thursday of this past week and as far as the defense went, we got our hands on a few footballs.

Jeff Tuel had a commitment up in Spokane so he wasn't there on Thursday and I have to say we only got one pick off of him on Tuesday – by Jay Matthews. It seems Jeff hasn't thrown hardly a pick this whole summer -- so it was a good job by Jay and the D to force one this week.

Eric Oertel did well, he had two interceptions against the other quarterbacks when Jeff was gone, and Tracy Clark had two interceptions, too. With Jeff out of there, as a group, we should have had more than we did, we had some drops. At the end of the day they were good outings for both the defense and offense, but now it's time to raise our game to new levels in fall camp.

On to the final questions…

Does the team feel any added pressure to win this year?
I don't think there any pressure. Instead, we just all feel this is our time. I think everyone is hungry to win, that's out whole mentality as a team.

Who do you think among the freshmen would be a good player on kickoff coverage?
It's hard to say right now. Henry Eaddy has speed and he has an aggressive side to him. And there are some young freshmen who might get a chance to play , but here in the summer, it's just pretty hard to say who. It's certainly a question that will be answered when we get in camp, that's when we'll really get to see guys who "want it".

Which Pac-10 team in your experience talks the most smack?
ASU tends to talk a little bit, and we all know UW likes to talk.

WSU likes to call itself Quarterback U, but in fact we've put more DBs and safeties in the NFL than QBs. Why do you think that is and was that a factor in your decision to play at WSU?
We have a reputation for NFL defensive backs, it's definitely something we're known for doing. I don't know if I can say why, we've just had good players who worked hard. It did play a part in my decision -- we still have a lot of current defensive backs playing in "The League" and knowing they might come back and I'd get a chance to hopefully learn a little bit from them was a factor. And they have come back, Hamza Abdullah and Husain Abdullah I've seen on a number of occasions, and then guys like Erik Coleman and Marcus Trufant, they came back for our spring game, too. It's great to see them, we all love to see those guys.

Well, this is it, my last player diary. We have a few days before the start of fall camp and then it's our time. Our time! Go Cougs!!

Tyree Toomer

Cougar safety Tyree Toomer was the third leading tackler for the Cougs in 2010, with 62 tackles (48 solo). He came to WSU from St. John Bosco in Bellflower, Calif., where he was a football and track standout. He played in all 13 of WSU's games as a true freshman, including four starts. Injuries took away his second season but upon his return in 2010, he started every game at free safety.

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