Cougs announce fall camp schedule

IF YOU'RE PLANNING a trip to Pullman in the coming weeks, the Cougars open fall camp practice this Sunday with a 2:30 p.m. practice on Rogers Field. Here's the complete fall camp schedule with dates and times.

As per the NCAA mandated acclimation period, the Cougars will open with helmets-only practices on the first two days of fall camp, and then add shoulder pads on day three.

Prior to camp getting underway, WSU rookies are scheduled to report to campus Friday with returning veterans to report by Saturday. The majority of first year Cougs, 20 of them, have already enrolled and have been taking classes since January (7) and June (20.) Cougar fans are waiting for a remaining five out of a group of seven to arrive ahead of camp, they include Wendell Taiese, Alex Mitchell, Rahmel Dockery, Brock Lutes and Demetrius Cherry. Two more, Max Gama and Eli Edwards are expected to grayshirt and delay enrollment until January.

The first practice in full pads will take place Thursday, Aug. 11. The first of five two-a-days is slated for Friday, Aug. 12, with practices at 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

The first scrimmage is scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 17, followed by a scrimmage on Aug. 25. WSU is likely to schedule a third scrimmage at some point.

All practice times are subject to change.

2011 WSU Football Practice Schedule:

Date                                   Time

Sun., Aug. 7                       2:30 p.m.               Practice (Helmets only)

Mon., Aug. 8                     2:30 p.m.               Practice (Helmets only)

Tue., Aug. 9                       2:30 p.m.               Practice (Shoulder Pads and Helmets)

Wed., Aug. 10                   2:30 p.m.               Practice (Shoulder Pads and Helmets)

Thur., Aug. 11                   2:30 p.m.               Practice (Full Pads)

Fri., Aug. 12                       8:30 a.m.               Practice

                                            3:30 p.m.               Practice

Sat., Aug. 13                      2:30 p.m.               Practice

Sun., Aug. 14                     8:30 a.m.               Practice

                                            3:30 p.m.               Practice

Mon., Aug. 15                                                   Day Off

Tue., Aug. 16                     8:30 a.m.               Practice

                                            3:30 p.m.               Practice

Wed., Aug. 17                   2:30 p.m.               Practice/Scrimmage

Thur., Aug. 18                   8:30 a.m.               Practice

                                            3:30 p.m.               Practice

Fri., Aug. 19                       2:30 p.m.               Practice

Sat., Aug. 20                      8:30 a.m.               Practice

                                            3:30 p.m.               Practice

Sun., Aug. 21                     8:30 a.m.               Practice

Mon., Aug. 22                                                   No Practice – Start of School

Tue., Aug. 23                     3:45 p.m.               Practice

Wed., Aug. 24                   3:45 p.m.               Practice

Thur., Aug. 25                   7:30 p.m.               Scrimmage

Fri., Aug. 26                       3:45 p.m.               Practice  

Sat., Aug. 27                      9:30 a.m.               Practice

Sun., Aug. 28                                                     Day Off

Mon., Aug. 29                   8 p.m.                     Practice

Tue., Aug. 30                     3:45 p.m.               Practice

Wed., Aug. 31                   3:45 p.m.               Practice

Thur., Sept. 1                    3:45 p.m.               Practice

Fri., Sept. 2                        4 p.m.                     Walk Thru

Sat., Sept. 3                       2 p.m.                     Idaho State at Washington State

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