Would-be WSU rookies eagerly awaiting word

THERE LOOK TO be a final few WSU rookies yet to arrive in Pullman for the start of camp on Sunday, but there are signs all of them will get there eventually. Meanwhile, it would also appear someone else might be jumping the gun.

Offensive lineman Wendell Taiese (6-6, 340) is hoping to get the green light from the NCAA Clearinghouse this week. But even if he gets approval today, it's not a slam dunk he'd be fully enrolled and ready to start fall camp on Sunday.

After the Clearinghouse gives the go ahead, a student-athlete still has to be approved by the member institution and enrolled, and that process can take time -- not as much time as the Clearinghouse takes, but still time.

Taiese, however, is hopeful all the t's and i's will be crossed and dotted soon.

"I'm just waiting to make sure everything goes well and gets done. I wouldn't want to get up there and have it not be taken care of. I just have to make sure everything is good with the Clearinghouse ... I can't wait to get up there and make history," he said.

Taiese also mentioned that WSU isn't the only school paying close attention to him.

Another Pac-12 school is still "telling me they want me, they want me to go to a JC for a year and then come up there with them. I told them no, I'm not going to do that, I signed with the Cougs, and I can't wait to get up there," said Taiese.

Such contact falls squarely in the playing dirty pool category because once a player signs a letter of intent, as Taiese did with WSU in February, he's not a recruitable athlete unless he was not academically qualified by the first day of fall semester classes.

Meanwhile, lineman Alex Mitchell told CF.C he is also waiting to hear back from the Clearinghouse. Additional sources tell CF.C that Rahmel Dockery and Demetrius Cherry are also waiting to gain the green light.

Two members of the new class definitely won't be in crimson this fall: Brock Lutes, as reported yesterday, is headed to junior college, and JC defensive end Niko Aumua has failed to qualify according to the Spokesman-Review.

Two members of the class are planning to grayshirt this fall -- Max Gama or Eli Edwards -- but depending on how things sort out, they could be coming in prior to fall camp as well.

Word on those in question could come at any time or perhaps even weeks.

If history is any guide, it would not be out of the realm of possibility for one of the above not to be enrolled and able to take the practice field until right around the first day of classes in late August. That's a worst case scenario, but the Clearinghouse has been known to work at a glacial pace, and there's just no predicting when clearance will come.

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