ARRIVAL: No longer a "future" Cougar

THE COUGS HAVE been waiting for a few final pieces from their 2011 class to receive academic clearance -- one of them called a few minutes ago. "Guess where I am?"

Alex Mitchell (6-3, 300) tells CF.C he's 100 percent and good to go.

"I just got on campus today, I'm so happy," said Mitchell who said he's received the long-awaited green light from the NCAA Clearinghouse. "The WSU Administration has cleared me too. I am moving in today."

Update: Mitchell has arrived on campus and although he affirmed he had received clearance from the NCAA, the wait continues for that official word according to WSU. Mitchell has however now been accepted by WSU, and the clearinghouse's okay is expected to come shortly. As noted, Mitchell was not going to practice until Monday regardless as that marks the first day of classes and when rosters expand.

Mitchell could play on the defensive line but that's not set in stone, he could still be an offensive lineman. That will begin to be sorted out when he takes the field.

"I'll probably start practice on Monday," said Mitchell.

Schools are allowed a maximum 105 players until the first day of classes, which is this Monday at Wazzu. It is thought the Cougs are right at 104 or 105, so it would make sense if Mitchell's first practice comes on Monday. CF.C is continuing to track the pending/potential arrivals of Wendell Taiese, Rahmel Dockery and Max Gama.

"I'm actually pulling up to coach Wulff's office right now," said Mitchell.

Sounds like we'd better let you get to it.

Mitchell logged around 150 pancake blocks his senior season at Jefferson High in Portland. He was also a monster on defense. He was squatting 575 pounds earlier this year, with a bench of 345-pounds along with a 24-inch vertical jump.

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