Recruiting '04: The Hoss Patrol

<b>BILL DOBA</b> may have been WSU's defensive coordinator for most of the last decade, but he knows a good thing on offense when he sees it. Kentridge High -- the school that produced Cougar All-American guard <b>Derrick Roche</b> -- is drawing the attentions of Doba & Co. because of another hoss who looks like he may have Pac-10 written all over him. <b>Brett Pearce</b> was in Pullman for the Crimson and Gray game last month and already has received a formal invite to trip to WSU this fall.

Of his time at the Crimson and Gray game, Pearce said, "It was great. I saw the campus and what they have to offer. I met Coach Doba and he's a great guy."

The 6-3, 280-pound Kent lineman has been hearing from much of the Pac-10 and plans to make the rounds this summer looking at all the schools that are seriously looking at him.

Pearce, a second-team all-South Puget Sound League selection this past season, plays both ways but feels it's his play on offense that will be his college meal ticket. "I like offense, especially run-blocking," he told TheInsiders.

"I think it's my attitude toward it. I like the down and dirty work," he says.

Sound like a chip off the ol' Derrick Roche block.

Brett played tackle last year, but will move inside and play left guard this season, while Auburn-Riverside transfer Jabari Watkins will play tackle. Pearce runs a 5.3 40, jumps 27 inches in the vertical jump, benches 375, squats 405 and power cleans 245 pounds.

Brett describes his play as "very aggressive. I look to take charge and love the challenge," he said. "I want to help bring everybody together as a team. My goals are to go undefeated, make it to state and win a championship."

His attitude and physical presence are not going unnoticed. Washington, Washington State and Oregon all invited Brett to attend their junior days and he went to all three. We already know he liked WSU. Here's what he had to say about the other two.

Oregon: "It was my first time there but I was very impressed. People were very friendly and they have great facilities. I also noticed that acadmically they will help you out a lot."

Washington: "It was very nice. It's close to home. I met the coaches and they were all very nice. I really liked watching the practice."

Of the three schools, the Ducks made the biggest impression, he said. "I felt like everyone there was very welcoming," he said. And my position coach (Neal Zoumboukos) was great. I felt very comfortable there."

Oregon State and UCLA have also been paying attention to Brett. "UCLA just came by the school, which was pretty interesting," he said. Randy Hart from Washington has also been by Kentridge recently.

Pearce isn't focusing on other sports this spring. Right now it's all about football. "I'm working out with a personal trainer," he said. "I lift three times a week and spend the other two with the trainer. I'm focusing on my speed and quickness."

Brett will be attending the Seattle Nike camp, as well as Washington's half-day lineman camp and Kentridge's team camp, which will be at Washington State.

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