Time for Marshall Lobbestael to lead

THIS BYE WEEK is critical for the Cougs, and so are the next two games facing Washington State. The most realistic case has Jeff Tuel returning after the Colorado and UCLA games. And so, in coming off a disappointing loss, it's not only incumbent on Marshall Lobbestael to lead, it's a requirement.

Marshall Lobbestael does not have to do it all. Wazzu has many more weapons this year where the QB does not have to be the guy who puts the team on his back.

But he does need to lead.


By all accounts, Lobbestael was furious with himself after the loss to San Diego State. And anger can be a good thing. But he needs to now put that to bed.

Take an education from it. Learn from it. Realize that he's had 11 incredible quarters, and one bad one. Every quarterback on the planet is going to have a bad quarter here and there.

What separates the star quarterbacks from the also-rans is what you do with it. Do you learn from it, or do you just keep beating yourself up.

Marquess Wilson had an incredible day with 236 yards and two TDs on six catches. But he also had a drop, one of at least four on the day by Wazzu receivers, that could have led to a big first down. And Lobbestael needs to lead when things like that happen.

He needs to grab Wilson and say that's not like you, Marquess. But you need to get ready and put it behind you, because I'm coming back to you. We need you focused, and we're going to make some more big plays with you. Got it?

QUARTERBACKS AND CORNERBACKS, it is said, need to have short memories. And Lobbestael needs to wipe that fourth quarter from the memory banks. Taken an education from it, but then let it go.

Lobbestael was looking stellar again until that disastrous frame where he fumbled in scoring territory and threw two picks.

Up to that point, he was fast approaching 300 yards, had a solid completion percentage and had thrown three TDs.

It's time for him to pick that thread back up. And it's time for him to lead.

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