Five questions for WSU seniors

PULLMAN – Washington State seniors like B.J. Guerra, Dan Wagner and Alex Hoffman-Ellis have enjoyed plenty of great times on and off the field during their time in Pullman..

The three seniors took a few minutes off from their preparations for Saturday's homecoming game with fifth-ranked Stanford to answer five wide-ranging questions that go beyond X'x and O's.

Guerra, a guard, represented the offense. Hoffman-Ellis, a linebacker, spoke for the defense. Wagner, a punter, gave the special teams a voice.

CF.C: Who's the funniest guy on the team?
Hoffman-Ellis: You can't stare at Anthony Laurenzi for more than 10 seconds at the max (and keep) a straight face. I mean, you can't do it. I don't know anybody on the team who has been able to do that. He just looks like a giant guinea pig. You can't look at a guinea pig and not laugh.

Guerra: Andrew Furney. I know when I'm down in the dumps and having a tough day, he's always doing something ridiculous to make everybody laugh.

Wagner: Tyrone Duckett's pretty comical in the locker room. Just dancing, always cracking jokes.

CF.C: Who considers himself the "ladies man" on the team?
Guerra: Jeff Tuel, just because everywhere he goes it's "Jeff! Jeff! Jeff! Jeff!"

Wagner: I don't think you can call any one guy out. I think every guy's pretty confident.

Hoffman-Ellis: The Simone boys (brothers Gino and Jordan Simone). They're each other's wing man, naturally!

CF.C: Who's the best dresser on the team?
Wagner: Besides myself, Damante (Horton) is a sharp dresser. Kristoff (Williams) dresses well, too.

Hoffman-Ellis: Daniel Simmons. Deone (Bucannon) is up there, too.

Guerra: I would have to go with Damante Horton or Chas Sampson. He's (Sampson has) got a little swag in him.

CF.C: Who's the WORST dresser on the team?
Hoffman-Ellis: There's a couple. I can think of a time when C.J. Mizell () showed up with holes in his shorts and stuff.

Guerra: Wade Jacobson. Sweats (sweatpants) all the time. Sweatshirt, hat. Old, dirty hat.

Wagner: I don't think we have any worst dressers. I think there's just a bunch of people who don't care. We've got a bunch of guys who just go to class in sweatpants every day.

CF.C.: Should college athletes be paid?
Hoffman-Ellis: I don't think like a salary, but I think more meals should be covered.

Guerra: I'm going to say "No" because of the responsibility. You've got young guys coming in. I feel like they need to experience the doom experience. They need to experience what it's like to manage their money.

Wagner: I don't think so. Maybe adjust the (monthly living) stipend they get paid. But you're getting your education paid for, your books, your housing. You're getting a pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

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