Greatest WSU Walk Ons: The Specialists

KICKERS AND PUNTERS. If they're good, you sometimes hardly notice. If they're bad watch the message boards light up. In the second of our two-part series picking the greatest walk ons in the modern era of Cougar football, we today focus on the specialists. The vast majority of Cougar legs over the years arrived as walk ons so the pool from which to choose our top five was large.

There were a plethora of notables to sort through, and many top-of-mind contenders such as Don Sweet, Paul Watson, Glenn Harper and Reid Forrest didn't make the cut. That's because the five you'll see featured below were, we believe, truly out of this world.

Of note: star Cougar kicker Joe Danelo of the 1970s was a scholarship athlete, not a walk on. So was late-80s punter Rob Myers.

As much as we'd like to think otherwise, CF.C is not infallable, so if you believe we dropped the ball with this list of specialists, head to the football message board and fire up your selections.

And if you missed Part I in this series, which focused on great walk-on position players, you can find it here: .

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