Moos: Cougs still have good bowl chance

BILL MOOS on his weekly call-in show Monday reiterated that any evaluation of the coaching staff will not be made until the end of the season. WSU fans should not lose sight of the fact there is a lot of football season left, he added. He went on to say the Cougs' mindset is always to win every game, but taking four of the next five is also doable.

"My style has always been to wait until the end of the season. There would be exceptions if there was a behavioral problem or a mutiny but that's not the case, our players want to win..our coaches are working hard, and they're working hard in recruiting...the best thing for me to be doing is to support this staff," said Moos.

On getting to a bowl
"We still have a very good chance of that."

"It's my job to be supporting our coaches and this team because we've got a lot of the season left. There are still three games there that could get us bowl eligible, and there's one out there that could be an upset," said Moos.

On coming back from a losing streak
"This is when leadership really comes in, from the players, from the captains and leaders on this team," said Wulff.

"I encourage our fans to be supporting…We have a lot of season left."

On Wulff's recruiting
"We have a lot better looking players than we had three or four years ago."

On the Seattle game
"We had a real good week. I can tell you the city of Seattle knew the Cougars were there… everything leading up to the game just went super."

On where the Cougs are at
"We look at our football program and we're still building."

Moos said he received this week very positive feedback on the projects they're doing and from the people they're "going to be depending on" financially.

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