Film study with Wulff

SPOKANE – Paul Wulff broke down film of the WSU-Cal game this week and showed why things unfolded the way they did for the Cougars. There were bright spots on an otherwise dismal day, including the play of defensive end Travis Long and running back Rickey Galvin.

Bright spots
Long - The DE played his butt off against Cal, said Wulff. He made the offensive tackle look downright silly on a couple plays. One play on tape shows Long shucked the tight end to the ground with one hand and then launch his body over the tight end to make the tackle for no gain. A sterling play. Another was a great swim move to the inside and a sack of the QB.

Galvin- Wulff showed how he displayed more patience following blocks, with some great cuts upfield rather than trying to outrun the defense to the corner. On the touchdown run, the offensive line did a great job of blocking the stretch zone and Galvin did a great job finding the crease and accelerating into the end zone. Wulff also said he's developing into a multiple offensive weapon. The goal is to get him more and more touches.

The offensive line gave Marshall Lobbestael adequate time. The difference between success and failure is often measured in split second increments at the QB job and if Lobbestael would have taken a beat longer, receivers were open where they were expected to be open. Instead of throwing the out to a covered Isiah Barton, for example, Lobbestael had a wide lane throwing to Jared Karstetter on a drag route six yards farther downfield.

On a swing pass to Galvin that was over thrown, the offensive line had a picket line all the way to the goal line for about 25 yards.

They played hard throughout the game and the second half play was better, but still obviously not enough and a disappointment.

Marquees Wilson, as anyone who watched the game saw, had an ESPN Top Ten catch down the left sideline when he tipped himself the ball and caught it one handed as he landed on his back.

WULFF OPENED his comments by saying he felt that the Cougs had an excellent week of practice but did not carry it over to the game. The Cal Bears came out and punched the Cougs in the mouth the first couple series and the players didn't respond. He said California has 20-plus redshirt juniors and seniors on the field counting both sides of the ball and WSU doesn't measure up to those numbers yet.

Cal's stats don't match up to their record either, he said, and they are a better team than most people give them credit for, said Wulff. They have the No. 1 pass defense in the Pac-12. Their front 7 on defense is redshirt junior and senior dominated.

Correctible errors
Lobbestael wasn't as accurate as he has been. The weather later in the game would have hampered any quarterback but there were several passes ended up out of bounds or overthrown early on.

Right Tackle Dan Spitz let himself get out of position on two occasions that led to the defensive end beating him to the inside for a couple of sacks.

MLB C.J. Mizell keyed on a play action instead of getting into the deep zone on a pass play that was then completed in that zone, leading to Cal's second TD.

Running Back Winston changes direction to take on a tackler rather than sprinting for the open area. A little bust of speed would get him 7-9 plus yards.

Cal offensive line was getting into the second line too much and on to the linebackers which did not allow the ‘backers to get outside to the edges. It's not all on the d-line, the linebackers need to react to the flow sooner to avoid the o-linemen.

Wulff closed by saying that the Cougs are still getting older, and with that will come more physical maturity. Experience plays a large part in the maturation process. The Cougs are really missing its heart and soul in Jeff Tuel. He believes a healthy edition of Tuel might have well been the difference maker in some of the losses this season.

Wulff said recruiting is continuing in a strong way.

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