Visits to Pullman seal deal for Texas twins

VERSHAD AND RASHAD JACKSON, from Missouri City, Texas, don't see a lot of snow. But the weather this past weekend, along with everything else on the official visit to Washington State, solidified their verbal commitments to Paul Wulff and the Cougs.

There's often at least a slight concern on how a recruit from Texas, Florida or even California will feel about coming to a different climate in the winter months. Most of the year, Pullman is a short sleeve destination but the Palouse does still feature all four seasons of the year, and while some recruits could care less about the conditions outside, it turns out to be a factor for others.

As far as Vershad and Rashad were concerned, however, the issue was a non-starter. They had visited Pullman unofficially earlier and enjoyed a typical 80-degree day back in July. And more than that, weather just isn't a big deal to them.

"The snow was actually really nice. It was completely fine by me," said Vershad. "Me and my brother really enjoyed it. And they showed us a lot of love, I liked the facilities and everything about it."

THE JACKSONS WILL arrive in 2012 but after hearing CougGreat Steve Gleason speak to the team pre-game, they would have preferred to start their crimson careers on Saturday.

"It was very touching to hear from him, he's a great guy, very motivational and a special thing to be part of. It made me want to get out there and play with the team right then and there," said Vershad.

ALSO COMING UP to Wazzu were mom and grandma. This was important because they are leaving the state for college and grandma and mom would need to feel good about it. And they did.

"They really liked it, my grandma was very impressed with the coaches and everything about it. They both had a great time," said Vershad.

The Jacksons' 40 times are consistently in the low 4.4 range, with frequent sub 4.4 times as well, and the twins check in at around 5-10, 165 pounds. Both will probably come in at corner, though receiver isn't out of the question for one or both either.

When the game ended and victory was in hand, the Jackson twins were in the middle of the field, jumping up and down with everyone else on Dad's Weekend.

"They had us wait a little but we got out there," said Vershad. "I can't wait to get up there and 'ball."

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