Final word from Pac-12 on non-replay

WASHINGTON STATE players, coaches and fans may never agree with the ruling, but a Pacific-12 Conference spokesman said Tuesday that Marquess Wilson's controversial catch in Saturday's overtime loss to Utah was reviewed in the replay booth before play continued.

The Cougars would have won the game in the final seconds of the fourth quarter if Wilson's catch had been ruled a touchdown. The ball was placed inside the 1-yard line, and after Connor Halliday spiked the ball to stop the clock, Andrew Furney kicked a 17-yard field goal to send the game into overtime.

WSU coach Paul Wulff, like most people at the game, presumed Wilson's catch had not been reviewed in the replay booth. Dave Hirsch of the Pac-12 office told that wasn't the case.

"Replay officials have the ability to review live play immediately in the replay booth from the live television feed," Hirsch explained in an email. "They do not need to wait to pull up the various replays sent from the television truck.

"In the case at WSU, the officials did back up the live feed and were able to confirm that the ruling on the field was correct and did not require any further review."

A frame-by-frame replay put on the CF.C message board seems to indicate Wilson had a foot down with the ball still beyond the plane of the goal line. At the very least, the statement that the ruling on the field was correct and required no further review is unlikely to be seen by WSU fans as the correct decision.

The 30-27 loss eliminated WSU from bowl consideration.

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