Why the wait on Wulff decision?

NEUHEISEL. ERICKSON. GILL. ZOOK. By Monday morning, official word had come down on all of them. Heck, there's even clarity on Urban Meyer, a veritable coaching news sundial. So what is the deal with Paul Wulff still in limbo at Washington State?

Maybe the Cougs are doing their own version of "The Decision" by LeBron James and there's a hold-up on ESPN's end of things on whether it should be live or live to tape.

Failing that, there seems two most likely reasons for the wait.

One, Bill Moos after talking with Paul Wulff, feels he's on the right path and wants to keep him in place. WSU's president, Elson Floyd, does not, He's made his view clear on that for the past two years. And Moos is now trying to convince Floyd why keeping Wulff is the right move.

Two, Moos is having trouble lining up his guy. A lot can change in 24 hours in a coaching search, and maybe Moos no longer feels he is in the driver's seat for the guy he wanted, when he wants him.

Making a move would is the easiest thing to sell in these cases. But the thing about making a coaching change, making that change can be a path fraught with difficulty. A change sometimes set the program back rather than move forward.

Is UCLA better for having gone with Neuheisel? How about ASU with Erickson? Think Kansas would like to have back the last two years after Gill? Is there a candidate out there Moos is sure on, in a way ASU, UCLA, et alii were not?

Continuity still counts for a lot.

Paul Wulff has a good crop of players who redshirted last year. He has a good recruiting class coming in. He has a group of freshman and sophomores who gained experience this past season and several have indicated they're poised to make good sized leaps this coming season.

Maybe the wait is about slowing down, and making sure the right move is made.

Maybe the best move here is no move at all.

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