Moos: 24 hours

WASHINGTON STATE athletic director Bill Moos said Monday morning a decision on Paul Wulff's future as football coach will be made "within 24 hours."

We shouldn't drag it out," Moos said during his weekly radio show on Spokane's ESPN 700 radio station. "The only reason we're going as long as we do is, I want to get a feel for where Paul is taking our program."

Moos added, "I've got lofty ambitions for Cougar football. What I've got to decide is staying the course the right way to get there, or is it making a change?"

Asked by host Dennis Patchin (filling in for regular host Bud Nameck) if he is "optimistic" about where the football program is headed with the current level of talent, Moos said, "Well, we're definitely better than we were four years ago.

"There's no question we've got better talent. We're more competitive. We've got better character. Just the behavioral aspect of it, where we're not getting a lot of problems on the weekends and all that. That's usually a pretty good barometer.

"And I love walking down the hallway, and when I run into an offensive tackle, I like looking up to him rather than looking down at him, which was the case a while back."

MOOS SAID THE IMPROVEMENT of the Cougars during Wulff's four years as coach is "a tribute to our coaches and the great job they've done there.

"Have we got enough of them (good players)? Are they good enough, year in and year out, to compete for championships? Probably not there yet. We just don't have the human equation across the line – two-deep, in strength and speed and so forth – to be competitive and compete for championships right now.

"Having said that, we can compete. We can go on the field and line up and think in our mind that we've got a chance to compete, and that hasn't been the case for a while."

The Cougars finished 4-8 overall and 2-7 in conference play this year. Both marks are the best under Wulff, though the Cougars lost seven of their final eight games.

When Patchin asked Moos if he is happy with the development of the team under Wulff, Moos replied, "Well, I don't think Paul lost his team (this year) … that was impressive."

Expanding on his comment, Moos said, "Sometimes, when you're struggling – and we've seen this in Cougar football before and early in Paul's tenure during his first couple years – I don't think we had the character we seem to have now."

MOOS, A STANDOUT offensive tackle at Washington State in the early 1970's, watched his school's football programs flourish during his time as athletic director at Montana and Oregon.

"I did play at Washington State," Moos said. "I've got a love for that university. I want to see it (football) succeed.

"I believe I know what it takes to be successful in this conference and to stay successful. We have to have energy in our (fans)."

The Cougars have not sold out Martin Stadium since Oct. 6, 2007 against Arizona State. This year, WSU finished far below every other Pac-12 team with average home attendance of 28,791.

Moos has constantly emphasized the importance of football revenue for the entire athletic department. The Cougars have begun an $80 million renovation at Martin Stadium, and Moos said a proposed football operations building could cost between $60 million and $80 million.

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