Secrets of the Mike Leach Offensive System

THERE'S PERCEPTION and then there's reality when it comes to the high-octane offense new Washington State head coach Mike Leach deployed so effectively at Texas Tech. X&O Labs, a company that provides research for coaches, talked with Leach in September about what he does, how he does it and why he does it.

It's a conversation about attacking open spaces, about wide splits between offensive linemen, the beauty of two tight ends and a running back on the same side, the pitfalls of the empty backfield, and a whole lot more.

Above all, it's about simplicity. "Anything you do that restricts a player's ability to quickly pull the trigger is counterproductive." he said. "You can be the smartest guy in the world and make it so intricate that a player is slow to pull the trigger and that's when you hurt yourself. Sometimes the smartest minds in football create hesitation and you hurt yourself. People who hesitate are slow."

X&O Lab's conversation with Leach was broken down into three parts. Here they are:

Simplicity Triggers Success

The Mesh Concept Video Analysis

Training the QB

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