The Leach era kicks off at Wazzu

MIKE LEACH WAS officially introduced before a throng of crimson supporters and seemed completely at ease, whether he was cracking jokes or talking about winning and winning big at Wazzu.

Here are some of the highlights, we'll have much more coverage later today on CF.C... Lots of students were in attendance.

Bill Moos took the mic to introduce Mike Leach.

"The search for a new football coach went fast. I only talked to one man. I only wanted one man," said Moos.

"I came back to Washington State to go to the Rose Bowl, and that's where we're going to go," said Moos.

Mike Leach stepped up the mic and the crowd went wild.

"I want to thank all the coaches that went before me and built the foundation before me," said Leach.

Leach said you can win at WSU and win big.

"I'm thrilled to be back coaching...I think one for all, all for one is the part you miss the most," said Leach.

Leach said he tends to have 1-day plans, which tend to be win one game a week.

Leach said he has three goals, be a team, be the most excited to play as you possibly can and be the best at doing your job. "We're going to try and enhance our skills," said Leach.

Leach said a lot of other schools talked to him but he declined to mention them, saying those schools didn't want it out there and that he would respect their wishes.

On his coaching staff, he said the only guy he has officially hired is David Emerich, his chief of staff. He said he will full the staff as quickly as he can. (A source has told CF.C that Tennessee special teams coach Eric Russell, who served with leach at Texas Tech in 2009, was earlier this morning clearing out his desk and preparing to join Leach at WSU.)

Leach said he plans to head back to Key West for a few days and then return to Pullman this weekend with recruiting on the to-do list. "Going to hit the road hard -- hopefully get some new Cougars," said Leach.

On the whole pirate phenomenon, he said it has kind of taken on a life of its own. Players mentioned the speech he gave to the team about how they're going to swing their sword and it took off from the article in the NY Times magazine. He said he got a ton of pirate gear after the article came out, from as far away as from France.

Leach said he went to a number of places around the country to speak and take part in coaching clinics. He said he was excited about the people he met when he was in the Spokane area last year from WSU and became excited about the potential of the WSU program. He said he loves the direction of the conference, and that Bill Moos "is the guy everybody wants to work for....I just thought it was an incredible opportunity." He said his family loves the area as well.

Leach said he has been to Pullman twice, once when Mike Price was the coach for a clinic. The other time was when he was recruiting. He said he's been at a lot of places in the state of Washington.

On people who wonder if he'll stay at WSU for a long time, he said 'I'm excited to be here and I'm excited to stay here," and made a call to arms for the fans to support the team and especially on game day. And with that, the conference came to a close.

Stay tuned for more from CF.C a little later on...

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