The IRON COUG Trivia Challenge

FORGET THOSE WIMPY trivia contests. Only those versed in the most obscure of Cougar football facts have a shot at capturing the Iron Coug Trivia Challenge crown!

The Cougfan history buff that scores highest will receive a t-shirt. Tiebreaker questions will be emailed should two or more participants have equal top scores. Email your answers to by 9 pm PST on June 10.


1. This Cougar great had the "Strength of a Lion." 5 pts


2. Who was the first Washington State player drafted by the NFL? 15 pts


3. There are 5 reasons commonly given to explain the Cougars poor performance against Alabama in the 1931 Rose Bowl, name 2 of these.  15 pts


4. Who is Click Clark and what role does he play in Washington State football history? 20 pts


5. Who started the Homecoming game tradition at Washington State and what year was it? 10 pts


6. This Cougar great was the victim of one of the most vicious hits in professional football history. Who is he? 5 pts (5 extra points if you can tell us who administered the hit.)


7. Name the two Cougar head coaches who've won a Rose Bowl. 10 pts


8. How many Cougar quarterbacks have been drafted in the first round of the NFL draft? 5 pts


9. Who was the first Cougar to participate in a Super Bowl? 5 pts


10. Who suggested the Cougar mascot be named after Washington State player Herbert "Butch" Meeker? 5 pts


11. Name the first Hawaiian to quarterback the Cougs. 5 pts


Bonus question: If one Cougar player could be credited for indirectly creating, it would be this player.

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