HOOPS NOTEBOOK: The day after

A DAY AFTER a long, lost weekend spent in Utah and Colorado, it would seem some changes would be needed since what the Cougs are doing on the hardcourt right now isn't working. Perhaps a bit of a role reversal is in the cards?

Faisal Aden driving more. Reggie Moore shooting, particularly from long range, more.

Sure, sounds a little crazy. Aden's claim to fame is the jump shot. And Moore's is the dribble drive. But the loss at Colorado on Saturday begs otherwise, at least to a degree.

Against Colorado, Aden had two very nice looking drives that resulted in layups. On both , Colorado defenders looked slow against Aden's quicks. Normally a jump shooter, the Cougs might be able to catch some teams unawares with more Aden drives off the back side.

Moore, meanwhile, was 3-for-5 from 3-point land and it wasn't like he rattled them home -- you could hear the swish. Some in the media and in the fanbase have long thought Moore should shoot more from long range, (usually after the drive and force it up type of shots.)

Against Colorado, Moore was WSU's best long distance threat. Why not ride that horse for a while?

IT WAS AN interesting study, watching Brock Motum play defense. Yes, he had an off-night offensively with nine points but Motum has also been the lone consistent offensive bright spot for the Cougs this season, (15.3 ppg).

When Charlie Enquist was in, Motum played defense more to the outside of the key. But when Enquist was off the floor, Motum was the man in the middle, playing in effect center for WSU.

That in itself a pretty glaring example of WSU's post problems, as detailed more fully in Chris Chancellor's game column.

Motum is vastly improved this year but one area where work remains, based on the Colorado visuals. is rebound positioning and boxing his man out.

NOT SURE WHERE the good shoe stores are in Boulder but Ken Bone might have needed to stop off at one before the Cougars headed home.

With a little more than three minutes remaining and WSU making a run, Marcus Capers got absolutely mugged on an attempted put-back but the officials ate their whistles on the play.

Bone jerked his head at the nearest official in disbelief. As Colorado dribbled upcourt, Bone stomped his foot hard enough that a) he was probably lucky he didn't get a technical and b) he might have blown out the sole of his shoe.

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