BREAKING: New Coug DT has ‘nose' for the ball

A SUCCESSFUL 3-4 defensive scheme, which the Cougars are employing this year as their base under head man Mike Leach, requires a gap plugging nose tackle in the middle. And Mike Leach has just landed a 6-3.5, 310-pound wide body from the junior college ranks.

Ioane Gauta out of Fullerton College was a heavy lean to K-State a month ago. But after Mike Leach came on board at Washington State, began recruiting him and brought him out on a visit this past weekend, Gauta's color is now solidly crimson.

"I'm headed to Washington State, I'm going to be a Coug," Gauta told CF.C. "The coaches' vision there is to blow down the doors off the Pac-12, to really bring this program some success and I really want to be a part of that…and the players I talked to, they really want to be a force in the Pac- 12..and they're going to do the things necessary to make that happen."

AN EARLY SEASON ankle injury limited him this past season at Fullerton but he still logged 22 tackles and two sacks in eight games. As a true freshman starter, he had 27 tackles and two sacks. He has three to play two at Washington State.

"They needed a true nose (tackle) there at Washington State and one thing they liked about me was my style of play and the passion I play with – they also they liked my character on and off the field and what I do in the classroom," said Gauta.

GAUTA SAID everything about his trip to the Palouse stood out.

"It was a lot of things -- it's a new program under the new coach and I really like their vision. I'm excited to be part of what is really a new program with Coach Leach there -- that was one reason I chose them," he said.

Gauta chose Washington State over offers from Oregon State, K-State and Hawaii.

‘I wanted to go somewhere where the team is rowdy and anxious," said Gauta. "It's a chance to change it around and the d-line coach, coach Joe Salave'a, he was another factor why I chose Washington state. His approach, his attitude on practice and everything else and what he expects, I really saw eye to eye with him. Coach leach, too, I'm on the same page as him."

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