Unlikely source to thank if Cougs get Dozier?

IF WASHINGTON STATE lands Lakes High 4-star playmaker Cedric Dozier over Cal -- a prospect Lakes coach Dave Miller told CF.C was a coin flip as of late Monday morning -- they might just have UW coach Steve Sarkisian in large part to thank.

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Granted, Washington State and Mike Leach may have been able to get their foot in the door far enough on Dozier regardless of recent outside coaching machinations. But there's no doubt Steve Sarkisian and the UW made things easier for the Cougs with Dozier, although that certainly wasn't their intent.

Dozier verballed to Cal back in October and was rock solid. After the UW lost OC Nussmeier to Alabama, the Huskies made a winning play for Dozier's future receivers coach at Cal, Eric Kiesau, who left the Bears program for the Huskies' OC job.

That move caused Dozier to open his recruitment back up. If Kiesau is still at Cal, if UW didn't come and get him, we're probably not talking about Dozier today in terms of being undecided.

BUT WE ARE, and Cougar fans are certainly talking about it. And here's the latest...

"He's struggling with the decision," Miller told CF.C on Monday. "I'd say he's 50-50 right now between the two (WSU and Cal). He's really excited how he would fit into the Mike Leach offense. And he's still thinking hard about all the things Cal has and why he committed there in the first place.

"I could see him going either way right now."

DOZIER'S ANNOUNCEMENT WILL likely come late on Tuesday night, when Lakes has their senior night for basketball. It's not set in stone, said Miller, but there's a good chance Dozier will make a brief announcement after the basketball is done.

"He's really thinking hard about Washington State," said Miller. "I think in a Mike Leach offense, he would be incredible -- he is a dynamic playmaker with the ball in his hands, and I think Cedric is really intrigued by that opportunity.

"Washington State has done a great job in the short amount of time they've had to recruit him."

IF THE COUGARS do land Dozier, they'll be getting a star both on and off the field, said Miller.

"He's probably in my 33 years of coaching one of the highest character kids I've been around," said Miller. "He's the kind of kid you would have no problem with him marrying him your daughter...I cant say enough about him, I think the world of him. We're just lucky we had two kids like that this year with him and Zach Banner. You never a worry about academics, they put the team first.

"A lot of kids have talent but don't have that high level of character. Cedric is the whole package, hes mature beyond his years."

Cedric Dozier profile

  • Dozier is rated 4-stars by scout.com though as a cornerback, (No. 24 nationally). He will play receiver at either WSU or Cal. He is also a TNT Northwest Nugget and a member of the Tribune's Western 100 and was named one of five in-state blue chipper by the Seattle Times.

  • Despite Kiesau and another former Cal coach, Tosh Lupoi, bolting to the UW in recent weeks, Dozier eliminated Washington from consideration this weekend, cancelling his planned UW official and trimming his list to WSU and Cal.

  • "UW has recruited him from the get go," said Miller. "There has been back and forth on the position they wanted him to play -- but that wasn't the end-all be-all for him in deciding not to go to Washington, and they were recruiting him as a receiver. He just told me, 'Coach I just don't think that is the right fit for me,' and I was proud of him to recognize that..to make that choice and make that decision with all the pressure there was to go there. He's a very mature kid."

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