Recruiting head Emerick shares his insights

DAVE EMERICK, Washington State's recruiting coordinator and chief of staff, spent 45 minutes Wednesday answering questions from more than 130 CF.C subscribers who jumped into the Chat Room for a little signing day insight. Here's a transcript of highlights from the wide-ranging Q&A.

  • SmokeyDesperado Who will give us an instant impact out of this class?
    DaveEmerick: SD, there are several guys that will be expected to contribute next year. I would look to several of the linebackers and defensive linemen as kids who will have every opportunity to earn early playing time.

  • Lowporkwa What is the hardest location to attract recruits from?
    DaveEmerick: Lowparkwa, as long as we get recruits on our campus here at Washington State, I really believe that we will have a great chance at getting them. This is a special place and it doesn't take long for kids to see that it is different than most other locations that they are interested in.

  • 007Coug Dave- Do you expect most of the kids in this recruiting class to show up early summer to go thru the summer weights program and take classes?
    DaveEmerick: 007 Coug, yes we expect the incoming freshmen and junior college players to get to campus shortly after graduating. We can now pay for them to attend summer school while they get a head start at working out. This is a great time for them to get acclimated to college life before all the demands of the fall semester.

  • CrimsonJT WELCOME DAVE. How helpful was Wulff's staff in getting this class?
    DaveEmerick: CrimsonJT, the previous staff set a solid foundation for our 2012 recruiting class. We entered into a good situation where there was a good group.

  • khlundgaard Which Freshman are you most excited about?
    DaveEmerick: khlundgaard, it's hard to predict exactly how a recruits career will turn out and we obviously like all of our signees or we wouldn't have taken them, but some of the kids I think have a very bright future here are Marks, Jackson, Mitchell, Vaeao, Allison, Palacio, Pettway, Davey, and Taliulu.

  • Bobo6 Dave, what were your thoughts of WSU while at Arizona? Thoughts now?
    DaveEmerick: Bobo6, I remember coming to Pullman 2 years ago while I was at Arizona and thinking that this is a very nice place. The campus is beautiful and it is in a great part of the country. As a staff at Arizona, we believe that WSU was making strides as a program and was definitely headed in the right direction.

  • Mick68 (Question about when recruiting starts)
    DaveEmerick: Mick68, we are not allowed to send correspondence to a prospect until September 1 of their junior year. We are allowed to call a Junior prospect one time in the month of May during his junior year before being able to call him on a more consistant basis starting September 1 of his senior year.

  • snohomishcoug Coach Emerick, what do you feel is your most important role as Cheif of Football Operations? Or is that even your title?
    DaveEmerick: snomomishcoug, as Coach Leach's chief of staff, I am the liaison between the football program and compliance, marketing, academics, media relations, etc. My most important role, however is overseeing the recruiting at WSU and making sure all of our coaches are on the same page in this aspect.

  • wakajaka Hi Dave, we seemed to grab a lot of WR's in this class. Is there some sort of intangibles you look for in a WR, or any position for that matter? And what would be the difference in a WR playing outside vs. inside?
    DaveEmerick: wakajaka, we will always look at several things on our recruits throughout the recruiting process: what kind of person they are, how committed of a student they are, and obviously how good of a player they are. We are looking on film for kids who make plays. We want the ones that show up over and over again giving great effort and making things happen.

  • COUGFANcom: What is your evaluation on Destiny Vaeao?
    DaveEmerick: COUGFANcom, Destiny is a physical, tenacious player who tries to punish the opponent on every play. He is extremely athletic for a guy his size and we look forward to seeing what he will do in a WSU Cougar uniform!

  • Cougs Dave, in terms of academics, do you foresee any players having problems with school under coach Leach?
    DaveEmerick: CougEd, Coach Leach has a great reputation of not taking too many academic risks because he believes so much in his players being able to get their degrees. Because of the late start we had in recruiting, there are a couple of grade risks in this class but no one that we do not feel will qualify and be able to succeed academically at WSU.

  • 007Coug How has Dockery looked so far in workouts? Do you guys plan on using him in the slot? Any chance he gets a look on defense?
    DaveEmerick: 007Coug, Dockery is a very talented individual that will have a chance to do some good things early in his career here. It is obvious that he has a great deal of explosiveness to him which is always a fun thing to watch in our offense!

  • 007Coug Dave what is the staff's thoughts on redshirting incoming freshmen? Do you try to redshirt as many as possible? Burn redshirts to fill gaps and provide depth?
    DaveEmerick:07Coug, everyone in the country would ideally like to redshirt all of their incoming signees to give them a chance to get bigger and stronger but the reality of it is that we will play any freshmen that can help us win games. We will never waste a red-shirt year but if in incoming kid is physically and mentally ready to help the team he will definitely play.

  • LuckyInTheOrder See that WSU added Sam Jones, is this indicative that Wade Jacobson not getting a pass by the NCAA for another season?
    DaveEmerick: LuckyInTheOrder, our numbers are pretty far down at the Offensive Line position and we feel that Sam is talented enough to push for a starting position and provide overall depth to the O-Line.

  • 007Coug Any thoughts on Robert Lewis>
    DaveEmerick: 007Coug, Robert Lewis has one of the most impressive highlight films you will ever see. He is an explosive player nicknamed and will do great things in our offense here at WSU. He needs to put on a little bit of size but he understands that and will work hard to ensure that happens.

  • CougEd Dave, off the field Coach Leach has to make it so there is not one dull moment in the day of his employees. He is the one coach who I have seen that isn't so consumed in the job he forgets the other aspects of life. What is it like working for him?
    DaveEmerick: CougEd, Coach Leach is the greatest guy in the country to work for. He hires people he trusts and lets them do their jobs without micro-managing every detail of what they do. Coach is a very laid back person, easy to talk to, and very knowledgable about just about every topic you can think of.

  • GABRIELFRANCIS Dave, when will you start offering next year's class?
    DaveEmerick: GABRIELFRANCIS, the recruiting process in a continuous effort. Because of our late start, we spent most of our time trying to finish out the class of 2012 as best as possible but while we were on the road we were identifying future prospects as well.

  • AlwaysCougarFan Dave, do you guys have recruiting terrorities?
    DaveEmerick: AlwaysCougarFan, we pay more attention to the evaluations of our staff than that of recruiting services. We try to identify the players that will best fit our system and recruit them as tenaciously as possible.

  • mcon389 what is the biggest struggle for high school kids coming into college football like, for instance, Jeremiah Allison?
    DaveEmerick: mcon389, often times one of the biggest struggles a freshman has is learning the system. Jeremiah is a 4.0 student and will have a chance to be the valedictorian of his high school so definitely has the mental capacity to pick things up in a hurry. He is definitely a play maker on the field and we are extremely excited about him as a player and person.

  • AlwaysCougarFan I was wondering who has what recruiting terrorities.
    DaveEmerick: AlwaysCougarFan, we are in the process of dividing recruiting areas now and are looking to get the right fits in each area. We will spend a great deal of our time in Washington, California, the islands, Texas as well as some other areas that may come up.

  • CougEd Dave, do you see yourself ever getting on the field? Do you get to help break down film, and could you see yourself sometime in the future working for and NFL team in their personnel department.
    DaveEmerick: CougEd, no i don't see myself of the field. i enjoy the role that i am currently in. i worked for the Houston Texans for one season in College Scouting and definitely enjoy the college experience a lot more.

  • AlwaysCougarFan In terms of recruiting, what would you say are some of the key tactics used and how do you go about recruiting players?
    DaveEmerick: AlwaysCougarFan, we pay more attention to the evaluations of our staff than that of recruiting services. We try to identify the players that will best fit our system and recruit them as tenaciously as possible.

  • SmokeyDesperado So do we in regards to Vaeao. Keep that Somoan pipeline open and flowing!
    DaveEmerick: SD, all the time! Coach Salave'a is a big addition in that regard. The kids have known him for a long time and watched him in the pros growing up. He has done a great job down there so far and we are looking forward to what gems he can bring to WSU for years to come.

  • WAZZURUGGER10 Dave, as for incoming o-lineman whom do you expect could start right away?
    DaveEmerick: WAZZURUGGER10, it is extremely hard for an Offensive Lineman to come in as a freshman and make an impact. Because he has had an additional year to develop, Alex Mitchell might be a guy that has a chance to contribute early. Obviously, you don't take junior college guys to sit around and wait so hopefully Niu Sale and Sam Jones are able to push for starting positions and provide depth.

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