QB with crimson connection visiting WSU

QUARTERBACK SEFO LIUFAU (6-4, 219) out of Tacoma's Bellarmine Prep is taking in all things Wazzu this weekend during Mike Leach's first junior day event. Liufau has put up good numbers the past two seasons, stoking imaginations on just how high those numbers would go if he played in a true passing offense. He also has a Coug Legend as his quarterbacking mentor.

Sefo Liufau has been working with Jack Thompson since last year. He's thrown for a combined 4,780 yards (59 percent) with 43 TD passes against 15 INTs – this on a team that ran it nearly twice as much as they threw it last season.

"I'm just looking forward to a good Saturday and getting to meet the coaches. I want to get a feel for the atmosphere.. and seeing what Washington State is all about," said Liufau.

Liufau had been in contact with former WSU coach Paul Wulff and staff. Since Signing Day, the contact between he and new coach Mike Leach and Co. has been on the upswing.

"Things started picking back up after (Signing Day), I've been talking more with WSU on Facebook and getting more letters, it's definitely been increasing," said Liufau.

Liufau was named to the Northwest Nuggets In Waiting list by the Tacoma News Tribune for 2013.

IN ADDITION TO the Cougs, he's been hearing most from UCLA and Colorado, and the total number of schools he's in contact with include Auburn and numbers into the double digits, though he's waiting for that first offer.

As for working with Jack Thompson, Liufau has strong feelings about it.

"It's a very humbling experience, I'm honored to work with him," Liufau said. "We don't talk about recruiting, he's not there to say go to Washington State or go this school or that school. He's just there to help me fine tune and help take the kinks out. We don't have marathon sessions or anything like that, we work for maybe an hour at most but we get a whole lot done in that time.

"What's really great about is he's really honest about everything, he'll let you know when you're not doing well or you're not doing something right. It's good to be pushed."

Liufau said Bellarmine RB Isaiah Flynn (1,357 yards, 16 TDs in 2011) and WR Calvin Chandler (704 yards, 6 TDs) are joining him for the junior day event in Pullman.

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