Cougs 2012 class suffers crippling blow

WASHINGTON STATE'S INCOMING recruiting class has suffered a crippling blow. Jeremiah Allison, a fast, blitzing linebacker whom Mike Leach praised often back on Signing Day, tells CF.C he has decided to forgo college and football at Washington State for a career in music. To make matters worse for Cougar fans, four others in the class are bolting WSU to join Allison in his musical endeavor.

"Washington State is great, but I feel I'd excel more in music than I would in football," said Allison. "I hope everyone is not too disappointed but this is something I feel I have to do."

Allison's decision was primarily swayed by the interest shown in a demo he circulated last Fall; a demo that found its way to the offices of the renowned JS Barker (JSB) Management Group in Los Angeles. The firm has represented a who's-who of musical talent, including Lil' Romeo, David Hasselhoff, Hilary Duff, Justin Bieber and American Idol finalist Bo Bice. In addition, JSB produces the popular "Kidz Bop" CDs.

"I was watching Saturday Night Live or something a few weeks ago and the singer wasn't even really singing. Her lip-synching was way-off," Allison said. "It just got me to thinking that I could do it, and do it better."

Allison said four others from the Cougs' signing class, three of whom he became close friends with over the past year, will be joining his band, Grape Welch Funk. He declined to name the three, saying he would let them make the announcement in their own way.

The fourth, Gabriel Marks, is a longtime friend and was widely considered the jewel of the incoming Cougar receiving class.

"Gabe is a musical genius, we've always wanted to do this... Coach (Mike) Leach was disappointed, actually he was pretty upset, but ultimately I think he understood. We've got to follow our musical dreams," said Allison.

Speculation will now turn to where the other three defections from the class will hit.

Editor's Note: Check your calendar.

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